CAUTION*SPY PICS*...Could be hazardous to your wallet

  1. Ladies, Ladies, Lovely Balenciaga Ladies....:love:

    Dropped into my local Saks today (Palm Desert, CA) and lo and behold....more S/S 08 just landed.... had to share my spy pics! ENJOY!:wtf:

    (Pictures provided by me and my iPhone)



    sorry for the picture quality.... you can still make out the FANTASTIC EB GSH PT:drool:

    and last but most certainly not least.... EB Day RH.....:nuts:

  2. ooooh my goooodness :drool:
    Look at all those pretty colors :love:
    I'd love one of those Campagnons ! :biggrin:
  3. :nuts: Thanks for posting!!
  4. Thanks for the pics! Love spy pics!!!
    The EB and bubblegum are gorgeous!!! But those poor light magentas... they look marbled they're so veiny.
  5. Thanks for posting the eye candy!
  6. WOW.:nuts: I love the BG Pink First, Sky Blue First and the EB Day RH. :drool:That store has good selections. Thanks for posting.:flowers:
  7. we have a vacation home near there! this is not good to know!!!:lol:
  8. Oooh...loving the 'spy' photo's!!! Esp. the EB PT in GSH!!
  9. Aren't they all just STUNNING!!!!!! I was in yesterday and the only S/S 08 they had was the gorgeous PT Vert Thyme GSH.... and today... I walked in and this....... WOW!

    (again..pic from my iPhone..from my last spy pic adventure)

  10. Great spying!!! Did you see any Violet bags??? I'm desperately seeking some Violet...Thanks for the pics!!!
  11. WOW... that EB is soooo vibrant on the GSH!
  12. thanks for posting :tup:
  13. Thank you for sharing pics! The EB Day is especially lovely!
  14. Yes, they still have one PT Violet GGH and one Violet Work RH..... call Suzy:tup: in handbags or even better get Michael in Chanel bags to help you and tell him Carol sent you:flowers:
  15. OMG. Gorgeous. I still want an EB ... but I got an indigo city, and I don't think it makes sense to have 2 blues (given that I only have 3 bags right now - 2 blacks and a blue!).