CAUTION: eLux price adjustment policies

  1. I purchased a gorgeous pair of Pucci shoes from eLux on the 18th. A few days later, I saw that they were further reduced. I paid $285, and they were reduced to $189. I called eLux on 1/24 as soon as I received my box in the mail.

    At this time, these shoes are sold out in my size. They told me that since my size was sold out, they would NOT give me a price adjustment! And that's a difference of $96 -- quite substantial!

    I was pretty peeved, especially since I had known for several days that the shoes were reduced. Finally, after having a serious conversation with a supervisor, they relented and gave me my $96 credit.

    Please keep this in mind for any of you who see your items reduced after you purchase them from eLux -- they have a VERY strange adjustment policy!
  2. Neiman Marcus was doing the same thing to me. Wasn't going to give me a price adjustment because the dress was no longer available in my size. Didn't fight the issue since it was a last call purchase and they didn't do price adjustments...but just wanted to point out that eLux isn't the only ones!
  3. the policy makes sense however. If your size was not available then you wouldnt have bought it in the first place..KWIM?
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  5. It's not a strange policy, it's pretty much standard across the retail world. And I think it's a fair policy too..if you get the size/color you want, then it's sold out, well you got it before someone else did. Why should the company mark down again when it already sold it?
    I understand your annoyance, but really...can't blame ELux or other retailers on this one.
  6. I understand what you're saying, but my point was that I saw on the website days before I received my order that the shoes had been reduced. At that time they still had them in my size (sorry, didn't make that point clear).

    I wanted to wait until I received my order to address it. What I should have done, I guess, is called them as soon as I saw the item reduced on the website, instead of waiting until the box arrived in the mail and then the item was sold out.

    I guess I don't do enough shopping these days, because I have never experienced this situation with any other retailers ever before. ;) Well, no harm done since I got the price adjustment.
  7. I would not quite agree with your point...actually it is not standard across the retail world. I never had any problem getting the price adjustment from Nordstrom, Macy's, Banana Republic, GAP, Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, The Limited, Express, and many other retail stores regardless the item is currently sold out. They do it without asking any questions as long as it's in the price adjustment period. To me, that is exactly the whole point - it is only offered within a limited amount of time after your purchase, which surely encourages purchases when the customers know if the price reduces in the next 2 weeks they can easily get the adjustment without worrying about anything else. If the price adjustment period expires, it's another story. Then you either accept the fact that you got the size/color you like with a higher price, or buy them again if they are still available and return the previous purchase if you haven't used them yet.

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  9. Oh I get it now. Thats crap!! At least you got your difference back. Squeaky wheel!!
  10. Good for you and I am glad you received the adjustment!
  11. I am happy that they gave it to you, cuz it happened to me before and they refuse to adjust, I ended up returning the stuff and rebought. did the same thing, they refuse to adjust the price because the item on longer available at my size.........
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    how odd about the price adjustment ... at least you were able to get it!
  15. For to price match you, it is the same policy. You have to find the item in the EXACT same size, color...for them to price match you.