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  1. Because it's been a little DULL around here lately :weird: I thought this might be a good time to ask for some advice.

    Ok. I've been thinking. There's not a whole lot difference size-wise between a 32cm Kelly and a 30cm Birkin except for maybe the width. I think. I think the Birkin is 6-1//2" and the Kelly is 4"? Correct me please if I'm off here.

    So. Then is the whole idea of the Birkin that its easier to access inside vs. the Kelly which is harder? 'Cause my 32cm Chocolate Sellier is about the same size as the 30cm Birkin and when I put all my stuff inside, I still have room to spare!

    Am I making myself crazy for a Birkin because it would be the next bag to have or because I really want one for reasons hidden even from myself? If I find a twin of Gina's and I sell my soul to the devil to own it, does it make my Chocolate Sellier obsolete?????

  2. interesting you should ask that, as i've been contemplating the same question. i feel like more of a kelly-girl than a birkin-babe, but i'm surely lusting after a birkin and won't really be happy 'til i get me one. and i don't know whether i really want it, or i just think i do because of their desirability.

    but at least you have your hac to experiment with -- why don't you carry that for a week and then switch to a kelly. maybe after a few days you'll have some insight as to whether you need the regular birkin or not.

    or go for a birkin in an eye-popping color that you don't have in a kelly. so it's not a matter of whether it's a birkin day or a kelly day, but whether it's a vert anis day.
  3. D, are you referring to Gina's cognac 35 Birkin in chevre? I LOVE that bag! The colour is so rich and warm. It's one of the best looking Birkins I've laid eyes on (pics or otherwise!). I understand your soul-selling thing, lol!

    I don't have a Kelly so I can't comment on the ease of access thing but wrt the Birkin, I leave mine with the flap tucked in, straps attached to the middle lock-holder thingy and I can still slip my hand in and out of the bag with relative ease, grabbing my mobile phone, wallet, etc. I got small hands tho. My watch SA says I'm built for speed. Lol! Well, good thing I'm not a guy coz you know what they say, "small hands, small..." LOL!
  4. Hey, D! I don't think your Chocolate Sellier Kelly would be obsolete if you got a 30 Cognac Chevre Birkin. They're completely different styles. The Kelly is more 'formal' and the Birkin is a bit more laid back, if you wear it open as a tote. Kellys are for when you're feeling tres femme and Birkins are for when you're in a wee bit more of a hard-edged femme mood. Does that make sense?

    Kellys are Gwyneth Paltrow in A Perfect Murder and Birkins are Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair.

    Does that make sense?

    PS. You will LOVE the chevre birkin when you get it. I'm sure! :smile:
  5. Shopmom, you are a true collector, not just a buyer of Hermes handbags and I think a Birkin is a must for you. I don't think a cognac Birkin will make your Chocolate Kelly obsolete, it will just enhance your collection.
  6. ;) Speed isn't such a great male characteristic either....LOL
  7. I think it is a great idea to use your HAC for a bit and not a Kelly. Then trade off and see how you feel. There is always that possibility that you may want a birkin just because many wants birkins. Maybe you don't really want one deep down. It would be a great test.

    No matter what the outcome...you do know you will be getting another Hermes bag, so no worries there. It would then be what bag?
  8. I think the Birkin is such a nice silhouette to add to your collection D and yes, it is pretty convenient to have that open access. I agree with DQ about carrying your HAC for a bit and seeing how you feel, although I think the 30cm would fall somewhere in between your HAC and a Kelly in terms of formality; a little more formal than the HAC, but slightly more casual than the Kelly if you leave the bag open. I know that the HAC and the Kelly look amazing on you, so I'm pretty confident you'd look fabulous with the 30cm.
    Having said that though, you are the one with the wonderful Epictetus quote, so if you are a Kelly girl through and through, then that's a great thing too! I love how you rocked your croc in SF--that look was awesome!:flowers:
  9. :lol:
  10. I think the HAC and a birkin are going to be very similar IMO!
  11. Agreed.
  12. Nothing will make that beautiful chocolate Kelly obsolete!
  13. Hi D, I have the Birkin 30 and HAC32, & I used to own a Birkin 35. I do feel that the Birkin 30 and HAC32 are slightly different.

    The HAC32 I would describe as closer to Birkin 35, more tote-like, can carry quite a lot, & yet not look overwhelming on shorter ladies like us.

    To me, the Birkin 30 wears & feels more like a handbag due to its smaller(daintier) size - a tad more casual than a Kelly. I agree with Gina & Dianagrace that your Chocolate Sellier Kelly will not be obsolete if you get a Birkin 30. You will just have more variety in your Hermes collection. isn't that nice? ;)
  14. shopmom, I get the sense you are a tried and true Kelly person.

    Having said that... the capacity of the Birkin is deceiving, it opens generously, imo more so than the Kelly, and the extra couple of inches make a difference. Even with your HAC you can't really gauge how wide, the HAC dimensions are quite different.

  15. :lol: :roflmfao: