'Cause I'm dreamin'....

  1. Okay, so now that I have my first piece of H from you wonderful ladies, I've made a decision.

    I have to have a Kelly.

    I think. Or a Birkin. But I really like the style of the Kelly. I want to do my research, though-- see all kinds of pictures inside and out, etc.

    I want your input, ladies! Which is the better bag? I love the look of the Kelly most, I think, but I'm not sure! I know whichever one I end up with, I want it to be either black or brown-- probably black-- with palladium hardware. I don't do gold as a general rule.

    Which is the best size? Should I look beyond basic colours? What can I expect to pay for one of these beauties? Which one would you recommend and what tips do you have on saving for one? Size is a big issue with me-- which size do you prefer and WHY? I was thinking 28CM but would it be too small?

    How long did it take you to get your first H bag?

    I know, it's a lot of questions. :push: I just can't stop thinking about H :shame: I don't make a lot of money. Some of the croc bags I've seen around here, cost more than I make in a year! But somehow I know I can be diligent and save and maybe in a few years :girlsigh: ...

    Anyway, guide and counsel me, H Goddesses! TIA! :flowers:
  2. Will you be using it as an 'everyday' bag? Would a shoulder strap be advantageous. I have both, I find my Kelly more versatile.
  3. Definitely everyday. And I love the thought of a shoulder strap! It'll be my go-to-work bag.

    No, wait. It'll be my "I'm going to carry you every day because I worship you and nobody will ever touch you but me" bag.

    I'm a psycho, aren't I?
  4. I'd suggest hitting the stores as much as you can and trying on bags that you like. I'm partial to Kelly's but do have a few Birkins that I love as well - it's really all personal preference. Try to decide if this bag is going to serve as a daily bag too.....this may limit your choice of leathers.
  5. Are you able to actually go to an H store at some point? Although they won't have a Birkin (well, you never know), you could try on a Kelly (of course call ahead & make an appt--do they do this?). I tried on a Kelly once & FELL IN LOVE!! Like you, I would also have to save (which I'm horrible at doing) & you want to make sure you make the right decision. I would think a 28 or 32 Kelly, not sure on the Birkins. Also, I love the shoulder strap option which you can't get with a Birkin. The good thing is--if you have to save, then you have time with which you can research & find that really special once-in-a-lifetime kind of handbag. Good luck & have fun!!

  6. Woop, posted at the same time!

    For a daily bag....the leathers I'd recommend are Togo, Clemence, VL, Fjord and Epsom. These are hardy and can withstand most weather. Some are more supple than others (Togo, Clemence, Fjord). You can't go wrong with any of these leathers!!!!
  7. In that case, I would suggest the 32 cm size in a hardy leather. The 32 cm fits a lot, looks great and comes with a shoulder strap. I have a messenger strap for mine as well, which is invaluable when heading through airports and during long days at the zoo!
  8. No words of wisdom for you, RBB, just best of luck that you get your Hermes bag!
  9. That's more hardy RBB, but please post anything you are planning to purchase in the authentication thread so the ladies can help you out with that aspect.
  10. Boxer, you know my money situation :shame: it'll be YEARS. But if I can just squirrel away a little every week... and in a few years when I've saved enough to get it, it'll be like... the present of all presents to myself, right? I'm trying to justify spending that much on a bag :shame: Wanna be my bag-ban-saving-for-H buddy? :graucho:

    I don't have to buy any more meds for Dolce now though, isn't that great?? :yahoo: :yes: she's healing perfectly! We're using up the rest of the antibiotic today and the spray is almost gone too.
  11. So glad to hear Dolce is doing well! :tup:

    For me, if it had to be between the two I'd vote Birkin...but then some people are Kelly girls. It's tough. There's a lot of H bags I'd pick too like my Picotin because I like a more casual bag. I'd say just look at as many pics on here as you can and see what you are drawn to the most often.

    As for saving, I guess the only tip I could give is to not get addicted to other H stuff like scarves/bracelets because they can take away from the bag fund in a hurry! :lol: