Caught Red Handed!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I could fill this thread in a week with my naughty chihuahua


    "Hey Mom, look what I can do!"
  2. OMG what was that, a toy or a ball or something?
    Too funny.
  3. lookit that face - he couldn't have done that! it's a set up!

    reminds me of my favorite LOLcat:

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  4. ^^^What is that? Pancake? Hysterical.
  5. i think it's a pizza, not sure, but kitty was not letting go!

    i need to catch my boy in the middle of destroying something, but he's too slick and runs away before we catch him in time!

    we need more pics of your little guy - has he discovered the toilet paper roll yet?
  6. #6 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    HAHAHAHAHA!!! That is hilarious!!

    That cat picture is hilarious too :biggrin:

  7. LOL
    Now that is funny.

    I wish I hadn't lost my iphone 3gs I used to have some hilarious videos of my dogs and my kitten with a lazer beam.

    I had a set up where we had the baby gate up and we would run the lazer through the condo and into the guestroom and the cat would jump back and forth over the baby gate. I posted it on facebook as "how to keep your indoor cat from getting fat" and it became very popular. the best part is when the cat bolts through the house and has a parade of dogs chasing her.

    If you look at the LOL worthy thread I posted a few down below you'll see a pic of my chi with a twizzler in her mouth. The big dog grabbed them off the counter and I came home to Sevie (chihuahua) running around with one dangling from her mouth. funny!
  8. Yes a big stuffed "soccer ball" we got a pack of these "ULTRA DURABLE VET APPROVED" stuffed toys from Costco, they're made with fire hose and this little beast still managed to chew right them in record time.
  9. LOL! I have some similar pics of my dog, haha. No more stuffed toys for him.
  10. On the boxer forum, there is another theory for such things.....ninjas!:ninja:
    The ninjas came in and made that mess, then left it for your poor, innocent baby to take the blame. :yes:it really happens.
  11. I love this thread! Hehehehe!
  12. It was definitely ninjas that scattered a whole garbage bag of used cat litter on my rug. it smelled so bad from the cat pee that i had to throw it away! #$$#% ninjas! my sweetie pumpkin could never have done that!
  13. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! So funny!!!
  14. Hahaha, he looks so proud of what he did! I know this look.

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  15. ^oh, he is TOTALLY smiling! That's a happy dog right there! You just can't be mad at them when they have that face on.