Caught red handed and double fisted with more red


Feb 19, 2012
:whiteflag:So the last time I did a reveal it was on the day of the Wimbledon finals exactly one month ago, the world was watching Andy Murray vs Roger Federer. After an intense 5 hour game, Federer won the championship, and Murray was left to prove is greatness. Murray would be given a chance at the Olympics with the audience once again the entire world, but this time, in his homeland, England, the gracious hosts of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

DH set the alarm once again to reserve front row seats on the palatial seats of the sofa in our own family room with traditional English Breakfast tea and biscuits! Very British style!:drinkup:

The match began and Murray was off to a magnificent lead in the first the crowd cheered with pumped hearts I thought to myself, this just might be the perfect way to continue my RED REVEALS. There was deja vu, sunday, and red!

After all, it is the 12A red jumbo that inspired the 12A red ballerinas that caused the frenzy of obsession of all things RED that was to follow in my Chanel collection.

Let me give you some back ground, I own a 10P coral orange lambskin maxi that I simply adore, yes it is a bit big for a medium colored lambskin....but thank fully, since more of a spring/summer color, color transfer from darker colors not too much of an issue. Us Chicagoans, make a dramatic transition to lighter colored fabrics the moment the groundhogs start thinking of exiting their burrows, let alone creating a shadow!
I also own a bright red Lady Dior SHW, so in essence, one would think that the orange/red family of colors for handbags was complete.
Little did I know, this was the tip of the red ice burg!

When 12C red came out, I immediately fell in love with the plump tomato orange lambskin quilts! But I resisted, justifying to myself that there were so many other colors I needed before I could buy another RED (and I had a lambskin orange) .......
And I did buy SO MANY OTHER COLORS! 12P was a dreadfully expensive buying season for me, my exclusive dice bag from the Bellagio opening started a long list of additions. I bought the pearly beige Jumbo, THE SPARKLE BEAUTY bag in silver (this one was a killer), white m/l caviar GHW and the green patent mini. All seemed fine in the world of ********'s Chanel collection. I was very content with all my treasures, admiring and babying them each, and debuting one by one at my own pace :Presents

Hirshleifers released the Fall Act 1 colors, and lo and behold, appeared another beautiful true red! I pre ordered the 12A red from H and excitedly took delivery in late June. Delighted with the color, many of us here on TPF, went back and forth deliberating the delicious attributes of the new Chanel RED with exciting reveals, threads on comparison pics, etc etc...There were rampant discussions of comparisons of its caviar and color to 09 RED, 10C red, 11P red, and 12C red! There is a marked RED chapter on TPF that is still lingering as deliveries of all sizes come in staggered. RED RED EVERYWHERE:happydance::happydance::happydance:

Well this is where my trouble begins. The 12A red Jumbo was a logical addition to my collection because it was a different leather and hue from my others, but it reignited a passion for more RED, every RED! Simultaneously every now and then, the luscious 12C red would present itself in authentic finds thread, creating a stir in my Chanel world:choochoo:

I started exploring older 12C reveals (Rania1981 is to blame here) and pictures.... and then threw out a question on Peonies813's thread of "Seeing Red", if anyone could post comparison pics....within a matter of a day multiple pics were up of 12C red next to the 12A red! Nat74 had just bought her m/l and posted comparison pics, Olivia8786 had delightful pics of her multiple red bag collection, bluekit and peonies813 and I were in lively discussions back and forth.......the two reds were in fact different, considerably different! (this was quite enabling) hmmmmmm:hrmm:, maybe just in case, I should try to track one down, I should at least check to see if any exist in m/l:graucho:........

Sent out some emails to favorite SA at dept stores, posted in "desperately looking for" ....all NO replies, nothing in m/l, but few Jumbo's here and there!
I began to rethink my entire red strategy, should I exchange my 12A red Jumbo for m/l just so I could have a 12C red Jumbo????.......
Logically though, the iridescent caviar would be the good leather choice for a daily use bag vs the lambskin. So my own questions were answered but the quest continued:wlae:!
I kept imagining just how perfect the 12C red lambskin medium would be for nights out, pretty dresses, hot summer evenings out with DH, and this little perfect square bright tomato classic on my arm.....with Chanel Enthusiast colored polish on my nails and its matching lipstick as the only color on my clean skin face, LOL (modest I must say)......... oh I could go on and on....the visualizations are endless:rolleyes:.....

My red Chanel collection would have a designated bag for day and a sexy red by night! it would perfect!
The more I could not find it, the more I wanted it! Simple nature of the human mind......

Finally after multiple calls to boutiques, with the diligent help of one of my NM sales associates at Bal Harbor, we were able to track one down at a FL Chanel boutique:dothewave: I was ecstatic with excitement, many of you can relate:P
There was a problem though, although the boutiques inventory reflected one m/l, it was no where to be found in the store :pout:

The following day the director of the Chanel boutique called reporting it had been located:yahoo: The m/l 12C red had been misplaced in the Jumbo inventory. But in reality we knew it was hiding from the world waiting for ME:hugs:!
Boutique was wonderful to work with and accommodated my every request. I had a pre-existing relationship with this boutique so it was much easier.
Now there was no more justifying or rationalizing, it was mine!

Murray won the GOLD medal in 3 straight sets to defeat Federer, his ultimate redemption, and to boot wins the SILVER in mixed doubles!
******** has both the GOLD medalist winners from 2012 RED's in her collection, LOL, hehe

Without further adieu, I present my perfect 12C red medium treasure to you,
thank you for sharing my story and my Chanel journey with me...........

with a warm heart,
love ********


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Feb 19, 2012
Both my gold medalists together for comparison :smooch::hbeat::loveeyes:


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Feb 19, 2012
:sunshine:More pics of my Olympic's a tie, both get GOLD


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Sep 23, 2008
Congrats! I love the 12C red! I feel like this is the red I would be most likely to wear and I am not a red bag person even though I love red bags on others! What a great Spring/Summer bag! The 12A red is perfect for Fall so now you have all the seasons covered!


May 6, 2012
wow simply gorgeous! love both reds! :smile:
<i myself got a small 12a red with shw yesterday, must be fate as the Swiss maestro's colour is red and he got a silver medal! btw, im a big fan of RF, but well done Murray!>