Caught playing by my LV

  1. Yesterday, I spent the day buying and playing with my dolls. wouldn't you know, I ran into one of my LV SAs in target, I was totally slobed out and had like $300.00 of barbie stuff in the cart! Ack! :push: She ran over and gave me a big hug and we chated for awhile. She is so sweet and I was calm...but really I just wanted to run away!
  2. Too funny! Was she in the toy section too? I've never run into my LV SA outside of LV but I do run into my Baby Store SA everywhere I go.
  3. Haha that's funny!
    Don't feel bad, I still collect Barbies..not the same ones I did when I was little but I just got the Mac Barbie and have the D&B and Juicy Couture ones as well. They're so fun, how can you not like them?
  4. :biggrin: That's what you've been doing yesterday! I kinda missed you around the boards... :biggrin:
  5. Lol, that's cute and funny. Don't worry about it.
  6. Cute Tink! I think I like my daughters barbies more than she does.
  7. thers nothing wrong with barbies.
    i think women are the only ones who buy them lol. i work in a childrens department of a big store and girls all want bratz, its the mothers who want barbies

    yey! i made it to 400 posts and didnt realise
  8. aww..that's such a cute story!!! lol, i always wanted a barbie house...
  9. Darn, Barbie needs some LV... hey, you could patent that and make more LV $$$$ I can totally see Barbie rock MC speedy!
  10. There's nothing wrong with collecting Barbies! Don't they put a smile on your face? That's all that matters!:flowers:
  11. hehe. too cute!
  12. That just reminded me, my mom does these little miniature room scenes and she did an LV Boutique once lol. It's so cute, she even has mini bags in there that some guy in Spain made. It's so detailed!
  13. LoL! Cute story!
  14. You can come play with my house :smile: I am going to take some pics and put them in the general section in the next couple of days.
  15. agh! i love barbies! you inspired me to bring out/add to my collection!