Caught On Camera, Terrifying Moment, Gorilla Drags Tourist Off Into Jungle !

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    Sighting: The group of tourists catch their first glimpse of the 30 stone male as they wade through the Rwanda undergrowth

    Stand-off: The jungle giant, joined by a younger member of its family, looks down warily as the visitors smile and take pictures
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    Sulky: The male momentarily turns away, with a look that says he's not too happy

    Scarey: Suddenly, the silverback rears up and pounds his chest with his huge fists
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    Snarling: Next second, the tourists reel back in terror as the gorilla launches itself at them
    Snatched: With astonishing strength, the male hauls away a man in a blue anorak :s
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    Stepping in: A ranger waves a coat to distract the gorilla as the man scrambles away

    Safe: White-faced with shock, the hapless tourist finally makes it back to his companions
  5. These were the golden rules that a hapless tourist might have forgotten when he encountered the biggest and strongest primate on Earth on its home territory in Rwanda.

    One moment he was standing with a video camera as the magnificent creature quietly held court before a group of sightseeers. The next, he was being dragged backwards through the undergrowth to a terrifyingly uncertain fate.

    Quite what provoked the normally placid silverback into stamping his authority so forcefully is uncertain.

    He has long been the undisputed leader of a family of gorillas in the 39-strong Susa group that inhabits the Virunga mountain forests on the northern border of Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo, and is well used to dealing with troublemakers.

    He is even quite chummy with humans, whose money and patronage helps support the planet's desperately dwindling gorilla population.

    There are currently fewer than 650 individuals scattered across several hundred square miles of this region and, without help, they could vanish.

    So it's clearly a jungle out there – and sometimes homo sapiens can suffer the consequences for taking liberties with our most intelligent mammalian cousins.

    The clue probably came when the male started to parade intimidatingly close to the group of tourists, led by local rangers – beating his breast like a drum.

    Suddenly, he charged at the crowd. Then he snatched a blue-anoraked man by one ankle and dragged him towards the trees.

    Maybe the thrill of seeing gorillas in the wild had caused the tourist to forget the advice the rangers would have given before everyone set off on the trek – no flashguns... no noise... don't point... look away if they make eye contact... and melt into the ground if they charge.

    It worked a treat for Sir David Attenborough – but whispering subservience patently wasn't adequate this time. One likely explanation is that the tourist – an American – got between the male gorilla and the true object of its attentions, a young female on the far side of the group.

    Or perhaps the gorilla was simply being playful (not that it would have seemed like that to someone being kidnapped by a chest-thumping male like this one, of course).

    "Playful" could have involved tossing the man against a tree, or cuffing him jovially around the face. Precisely what happened between man and beast in the few seconds the pair disappeared is difficult to establish.

    Rangers stepped in to separate them by whacking the gorilla with sticks and waving bright clothing.

    The tourist emerged unscathed, although somewhat shocked, according to onlookers. The gorilla went back to its lunch – and never gave any clue to what happened.
    Thus, the encounter remains one of the many fascinations these beautiful and awesomely powerful creatures hold for Man.

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  6. whoa!:shocked: I never thought that gorillas can do that to anyone. But I do feel sorry for the man that was dragged away since he couldn't do anything to defend himself from the gorilla.
  7. OOF. I'll stick to Las Vegas and stay outta the jungle thankyouverymuch!
  8. Why would those people get so close to a wild animal like that? Didn't they know how dangerous it was to invade his territory and stand within mere feet of him? I don't get it...
  9. wow o.o

  10. Exactly...I'm sorry but those people are idiots for getting so close to a WILD ANIMAL......
  11. Seriously! :tdown: "Oh look Marge at the cute monkey" He is lucky his arms didn't get torn off!
  12. Gorillas are one of my favorites in the animal kingdom. They are fascinating and I have watched Gorillas in the Mist over and over many times. They intruded, there was a young gorilla and they are simply defending their territory and family. It's sill to get that close to any wild animal. They are wild and can be unpredictable.