Caught in the act...

  1. ...I got an email from a bidder saying, "I've paid for my item through Paypal, when will it ship?" This person was the highest bidder on one of my items, BUT the auction hasn't even ended yet. I was already concerned about this buyer because his/her feedback said she was a NPB. So I looked at her history and sure enough...she won the same item I'm selling through another auction and seller. (Oops...guess she meant to inquire about shipping with the other seller! lol) Seriously, what was she going to do if she won my item too? Obviously NOT PAY. Ugh. Anyhow, I canceled her bids and it brought the highest bid down by $80, but at least I have peace of mind.
  2. So glad you caught her, I wish there was some sort of detection on eBay lol
  3. consider her + & - feedback, if you think she'll create you trouble, cancel her bid
  4. You need to block her as well so she doesnt bid again right before the auction ends!
  5. I think that's perfect advice
  6. Thanks guys, I went back and blocked her!