Caught in a sticky situation----take grandma to airport or no??

  1. Hi everyone--I need some opinions/advice..sorry its so long

    Today (like 2 hours ago actually) my cousin graduated from boot camp! She is now a Private First Class in the US Marines!!:yahoo: I'm verrrry happy for her and me and my mom can't wait to see her! Last night she called here, but of course we were at a jewelry party :nuts: and missed her:sad: .

    But anyway, we're going to greet her at the airport (her friends are bringing her home). Her flight gets in at about 10;00 pm, and we have to leave around 8- 8:30 tonight. Me and my mom are going (we made a poster saying welcome home) but we're not sure what to do about my Grandma-- we're stuck on what to do! When we get there we'll probably have to park very close so she doesn't have to walk far (which will prob cost more), we'll have to do everything slowly (and make a few bathroom trips) and we'll only be able to visit with my cousin for a few minutes..we wouldn't be able to like do something after (like go out for ice cream or something small like that) because my Nana would be complaining that it's too late and she wants to get home..and then the next day she'll be the car ride won't exactly be fun..

    My Grandma is getting older (83 this year, I think) and this is (sorta) a once in a lifetime oppurtunity..neither of us want ther to miss it, but it would be such a hassle...Since we let my aunt borrow our GPS (to drive to the graduation), we don't have it so we'll have to use like mapquest directions or she'll probably be a very umm demanding (couldn't think of anything else) backseat driver.

    I feel really bad because I know that she'll never get to see this again if we don't take her, but it'll be such a hassle and she'll see my cousin next week at a get together we're having.

    Also, my cousin doesn't know that me and my mom are going (well I don't think my aunt told her) so she'll already be surprised to see us.....she's also having like 5 of her friends there to welcome here home....I don't think she'll like having a big crowd there so that's why I just wanted it to be my and my mom... I really don't want our grandma to embarass her (especially when she has seen her friends in like 3 months)

    I feel terrible thinking that I'm almost being the bad guy, but its just going to be so hard to accomadate everyone (without yelling at each other) :sad:

    Anyway, what do you guys think we should do? I really don't want to hurt anyones feelings.. I just want everyone to get what they want:smile:

    Thanks for reading this:flowers:
    (and sorry for the typos)
  2. Did you ask your grandma if she wanted to say home? Since it's so late and all.
  3. ^^^yeah, I'd try to figure out if she really WANTS to go or if she would be fine with staying home. Also, which would your cousin prefer -- since it's sort of "her" day?
  4. I agree extend the invitation to your grandmother. As it is her granddaughter.
  5. I would see if your grandma wants to go & if she does take might be hassle but your grandma might actually enjoy it. And if this is a once in a lifetime thing for her that's even more of a reason to take her. As you said you don't want a big crowd waiting for more isn't going to hurt.
  6. If she wants to go..Take her....

    I wish I had a grandma growing up..You are very lucky...spend time with her even if its alot of work!!All of my grandparents died when I was a consider yourself lucky to have her!!!!
  7. Maybe you should leave a little earlier than 8pm if you decide to take her with you. That will give her enough time to get there and get comfortable.
  8. Have you even asked your grandmother if she wants to go?

    Just because she's a "hassle" (as you say...) doesn't mean that she shouldn't be able to come greet your cousin.

    You could drop grandma and your mom off at the front while you park. That way it won't be too far for your grandmother to walk (you can always request a wheelchair at the airport) and so that way she will be comfortable...
  9. When my grandma was alive (oh I miss her so) we always had to allow extra time because she walked slow, had to go to the bathroom a lot, took a long time to decide what to buy etc. A trip to the store seemed to take forever. I was younger and admit I thought to myself it was pain at times. But I would give anything just to take her shopping one more time.....
  10. My grandparents and father have all passed away. Please ask her if she would like to go. When she is no longer able to share in the happiness of her family and you look back, the trips to the bathroom and other things she may complain about will no longer seem like an inconvenience.
  11. Think of it this way. When you were a baby, you were a hassle to take places. They had to prepare formula for you, bring a stroller, extra diapers and clothes to change you. Try not to think of her as a hassle.
  12. I can't believe how selfish you sound. Sorry, but I hope you have nicer grandchildren when you are 83.
  13. :lol: Lulilu don't get yourself in trouble. I was thinking how trivial this was myself.
  14. They might seem like a hassel because they're old but be happy that they're still alive. My grandma passed away yrs ago and I would give anything to have her by my side again.
  15. you know, I'm so buzzed right now I couldn't follow the entire post. sorta glazed over. but if it involves a grandma - bend over backwards for her. our elderly should be treated with great love and respect. Thats one of the things I love about Japan - but thats another thread.