Caught in a downpour with my LV Mono

  1. I hope you don't consider this a trivial post.

    Over the weekend, while in Chicago, I got caught in a sudden downpour while carrying my LV Mono Cabas Piano. I had no umbrella and I was freaking about the water getting on the handles and bottom. I tried to cover it up the best I could, but it looked bad. Back at the hotel, I wiped it off with a towel and once it dried there were no water marks at all. Should I have tried to treat the straps, etc. with something afterwards? Do you use leather protector on the vachetta? I think I'm lucky it doesn't appear to be permanently damaged, but I want to know how to properly care for it.

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. That's the worst!!

    I've been caught in the rain with LV's lots of times and it always dries right up with no harm done.

    I think you should be just fine!!
  3. OH I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!! I have found myself standing inside trapped in a store waiting for it to stop raining because of my bag!!! Im so happy it did not stain. There are a few threads here about using a leather protector. I used shining monkey on my Stephen mono straight out of the box today. I sprayed it 3 times did not chage the color or the vachetta at all. Other members have more experience than I do...but Im hoping this will help my bag!!!
  4. Sounds like you did the right thing. My mono speedy has never been treated, and it is still fine. It has been in the rain a few times.
  5. That's great there was no damage.
  6. wow...I'm suprised there was no damage that's great, you should try treating it in case of it happening again..
  7. I seemed to have noticed when the vachetta was very new, it didn't stain with water. When it was a little bit older it did stain from rain or water drops. So, now I treat all my new vachetta with shining monkey. It doesn't change the color at all and I've been caught in the rain with my lockit and so far no rain stains!!! I wish I would have done all my bags when I got them!
  8. That's great news! Glad your bag is okay!
  9. I thought LV mono/epi is fine with the rain.. actually when its raining i carry my LVs!
  10. That happened to my mom while carrying the black MC dried right up and the patina hadn't even been darkened a bit.
  11. :lol: Silly:lol:
    This is the place for shallow obsessing!! :yes:
    Nothing is trivial when it effects a beloved bag!
  12. wow, that's bad luck! I always carry a big plastic bag neatly folded inside every one of my LV bags. Most of the time, I check out the weather the night before so if I know it's gonna rain then I'll carry my umbrella. I hope your baby's gonna be okie!
  13. LOL You're right! What was I thinking??!! sometimes I take my purses so seriously. When I come here, I am not alone.:lol:
  14. ^^^Me too. I'm seriously beginning to consider my Batignolles Horizontal my "rain bag," because it has held up so well and shows no water marks.

  15. I carry a thin plastic bag in my purses in case it rains.