Caught by your kid...most embarrassing moment..may be TMI, but funny!

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  1. OK...this is probably TMI...But this reallly is a cute story...

    True story, about 5 years ago (he is about 6 or 7, at this time)...set up like a bowling pin...

    I am walking down the stairs calling to my middle son...

    Time to get up... no movement
    Come on XX, you're going to be late
    Mom, I am tired
    why are you so tired?
    Your voice woke me up last night...
    I am sorry, maybe I had a dream wasn't it
    ..........maybe I had a tummy ache...
    No! 'cuz I heard Dad, too...and it sounded like this..uhn...ahh. uhnn.........................................AND, it happens every night!

    I just kept walking down the stairs!
  2. Lol, how awkward! :lol:
  3. OMG I would have died!!

    Do they make children-sized earplugs?!?! LOL
  4. HAHAHA! OMG, I would have died!!!! :roflmfao:
  5. :wtf::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. :wtf:
  7. HAHAHAHAHAH pooor child!! teehee. how funny thohg
  8. *giggle*
  9. lol...the next weekend a new, thicker door did go up on our bedroom!
  10. WOW! EVERY NIGHT?!?!?! :nuts: :nuts: ! I'm SCARED of you! LOL! Sorry. Not focusing on the main point of the story here.

    That's so cute! You both had better learn to pipe down or that poor kid will NEVER get any sleep! LOL! EVERY night?!?! Man, I have to step up my game.
  11. haha, I was thinking more "lucky woman!".

    Bart's not home nearly enough for it to happen every night, lol
  12. This actually happened just the other night, the DH and I were in the middle of :blush: :shame: :love: :shame: and our 2 year old walked into our doorway and loudly said "UH Oh" walked back into her own room and started crying for milk. I guess it was bound to happen.:busted
  13. OOOO Every night ?...good for you ! at least someones getting some haha :nuts: LOL. But poor child, Im a teen and would die if I heard that. Kelly Osbourne actually walked in on Sharon and OZZy once lol ! :angel:
  14. Our 5 yr old walked in on us about a month ago. She said "What the heck are you doing!?" I said "We're wrestling!" and she says "Ooooh, I wanna wrestle too!" *L*

    So she didn't suspect anything.....and we are more careful about double-checking the lock on the door.
  15. a child i've walked in on my parents like 3 times. its very tramatizing and honestly takes ur innocence aawy. I couldnt look my parents in the eye anymore for that short while---but the thing is is that they never knew i saw! hahahah