1. Has anyone used the brand Caudalie before?

    I see this traveler set at Sephora and am tempted to try it out but I wanted to hear some thoughts on it first.
  2. Yes I have used Caudalie, and it's a really good brand based on grape, grape is a good antioxydant.
    The "classics" are Pulpe vitaminée, and the moisturiser Premieres vendanges, also the night cream "tisane de nuit". Right now I use their gentle face scrub, and I love the smell !
    It's really good quality, respects the sensitive skin, based on plants and not stuffed with chemicals, but yet not all natural.
    If you ever go to France you should pack on products bc they are def. a lot cheaper there.
    It's the type of brand we buy in pharmacies, together with thermal water based products like Vichy, Avene, Roc. I would compare Caudalie to Nuxe.
  3. Thanks mellecyn. I may go ahead and try that traveler's set from Sephora.