Caudalie ~ Share your purchases, likes and must haves!

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  1. Ladies, I recently picked up a bottle of the Beauty Elixir and love it!! Are there any other must haves from this line? I have normal/dry skin.

    Feel free to share what you love and post pics of your purchases here!
  2. I like the Buffing Cream it's nice but expensive for amount of product you get. Gentle Cleanser is also nice and so is the lip balm. Their body stuff is worth checking out: Divine Oil, Shower Gel,etc.

    Right now I also have Elixir. I love the smell but I do find it drying even though I have combination skin.

    Although I like Caudalie products, I can't seem to re-buy them. I'm always on the look out for something else. Curse of a beauty junkie, I'm afraid.:nogood:
  3. Thanks so much! I will have to check out their bath products. I love stuff like that :smile:
  4. From the Pulpe Vitaminee line:
    Eye & Lip Contour Cream. I don't use it as lip balm, but it's HG as a light-weight AM eye cream.
    1st Wrinkle Serum; especially if one is new to serums. I've since switched to Lancome as I needed something for hyperpigmentation, but I used it between like, 21 & 24.

    The Quench Sorbet moisturiser for dehydrated Winter skin.
    The Moisture Mask - esp. as an overnight eye mask.

    I've also tried the Buffing Cream, PV Purifying Mask, Beauty Elixir, Lip Treatment Stick & Premieres Vendages moisturizing cream and while nice, didn't impress me that much.
  5. Lovely recommendations! Thank you for sharing. :flowers: can't wait to try some of these!
  6. i love the elixir
    and the lip balm is pretty good although i prefer dr hauschka's
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    I have fallen madly in love with Caudalie this past year. Before that I used Dermalogica but I didn't feel those products actually *did* anything for my skin. I switched to Caudalie and wow!
    (I still use the Ultracalming Cleanser and the Gentle Cream Exfoliant from Dermalogica, they're the best)

    Favourites from Caudalie ... where to begin ... it all started with the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. This is the best thing I've done for my skin. I used to have little tiny bumps on my chin and some redness. This has made the bumps (all of them) disappear and I rarely get red anymore either, yay!

    Then I decided to try the Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid (I have dry skin but since it was summer I got the Fluid instead of the Cream). This is a lovely daytime moisturiser with SPF15, love this one. I have a sample of the Cream version that I'll try out when it gets colder.

    The Beauty Elixir is gorgeous and has an amazing smell, rosemary and peppermint, yum! It's too expensive though for what it is so I only buy the small size every once in a while.

    The Lip Conditioner is great though it felt drying to begin with. I continued using it though and now I really love it.

    The Hand and Nail Cream is fast becoming my fave hand cream. The trick is to not put too much on because then it does becomes sticky though I guess that is true of all hand creams. I must admit that I don't like the smell of this one and while I would love for it to have a delicious scent, it's so good, I can ignore that it doesn't.

    The Foot Beauty Cream is absolutely fantastic, the best! It makes my feet so, so soft and the best thing is that it sinks in immediately which means I actually use it.

    The Anti-Ageing FaceSuncare SPF30 is the best sunscreen I've ever tried (since La Roche Posay changed the formula). It smells lovely yet subtle and the smell disappears. It doesn't streak and it actually sinks in and isn't oily.

    The Eau de Raisin is very similar to the Avene Eau Thermale. I had hoped it would be a cheaper version of the Elixir but unfortunately it isn't. It doesn't have a scent imo. I haven't tried it enough to figure out if I prefer this to the Avene.

    The Pulpe Vitamine Eye and Lip Cream is, as Cait wrote ^^, a great "light-weight AM eye cream".

    I have a lot of samples to try so I might add to this list, lol.
  8. Ladies, here is a pic of my recent Caudalie acquistions. :smile:

    The 2 bottles of beauty elixir are from a lovely swap on mua. I have another full size bottle that was purchased by me last week. :smile:

    The lip balm and the cleansing water are from Sephora -- located in the impulse aisle at checkout - and a great opportunity to try some more of the line.
  9. mspera, I love that there's a Caudalie thread, thanks for starting this.

    Here's my latest Caudalie purchase, from last week.
  10. Inspired by your posts, I stopped at Sephora and got some Caudalie samples to try. The SA was very generous.

    I have the following samples:

    Pulpe Vitaminee Serum
    Pulpe Vitaminee Cream
    Pulpe Vitamine Eye & Lip Cream
    Nourishing Body Lotion

    and sample of Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser, which I always wanted to try.

    I can't wait to try my goodies and report back.

    Livia1: I can't seem to find the Anti-aging Face Suncare SPF30 cream you mentioned in your post on the Caudalie or Sephora website. Is it only available in Europe?
  11. That is certainly possible because it's on the European site. I also checked Space NK and while they did have it on the UK site, it wasn't on the US site :search:
  12. Just to further my love for Caudalie ... I received a faulty product with my order last week. I wrote to them to let them know and they immediately responded and told me to send it back to them. Today, two days later, I received a new product and this generous gift as compensation.
    Can't wait to try all this stuff :smile:
    Caudalie4.JPG Caudalie3.JPG

  13. Nice! Sounds like great customer service. I will google the cream & see if anyone carries it & will ship to states. Thx
  14. I just thought of this site and they ship to US. I have not tried ordering from them yet but I've been to their store in London so this should be good :smile: