Catwoman & Her Dog

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    Feline-featured New York society monster Jocelyn Wildenstein proved cats and dogs can get along, while making her way through LAX on Monday. Comedy and tragedy! Meow!

    The 66-year-old plasticine queen, dressed in a leopard print belly-baring top -- more suitable for a kitten than a cougar -- handled her pooch as she tried to shield him from the sight of her kabuki-meets-Michael-Myers-"Halloween"-mask-face! Arf!
  2. ...poor woman
  3. :lol:that's all I can think when I see her...!!!
  4. Oh my.... this is tragic.
  5. ewww disgusting look at her stomach! look at her face!!! :wtf:
  6. Its so sad when someone feels it necessary to have that much plastic surgery.
  7. ^^ITA she's disfigured herself..
  8. poor dog!
  9. I watched an interview with her where she said she purposely asked for her plastic surgeon to make her look like a cat.
  10. "cats and dogs can get along" hahaha! ohhh dear. I can't believe that surgeons are allowed to do that! I would refuse. Cute dog though.

  11. She shouldn't of gone to a plastic surgeon.. she should of gone to a psychiatrist!!!

    If you want to look like a cat then buy a halloween costume!
  12. Oh man... She doesn't even look real.
  13. you mean to tell me she wanted to look like that?
  14. She was actually pretty before all that surgery!
  15. Scary!