are the bags genuine

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  1. i am new to this board so i hope i am in the right place.
    i bought a chloe paddington of eBay, normally nothing would persuade me to buy anything "designer"off eBay as i know the majority are horrble fakes.
    but i found a bag that was being sold by a sports ware house and it said that they had bought all the liquidation stock from ibuy tv channal.
    i used to watch this channel and had bought a few items, a patio heater .
    they used to sell alot of designer bags on there gucci, fendi spy bags etc and a few chloes.
    now i remember clearly the presenter saying that they would be fined and taken off the air if they were selling fakes but advertising as genuine.
    so when i saw this company had bought all ibuy goods i did have good reason to believe it would be genuine.
    i paid £255-00 and it arrived yesterday i was 50/50 when it arrived and i searced the net and i found this site and after trawling through i came to the conclusion it was a fake, all to do with the padlock keyhole being upside down. anyway i sent it back and there should not be a problem getting a refund.(i hope)
    so i am back here looking for a bag and i notice catwalkfashionbags advertising are they geniune if not are there are uk site (preferably) that i can purchase a reasonably price paddington bag

    many thanks
  2. I'm sorry but i'm 99.9% sure they're not. Good luck with getting that refund, and I don't tend to believe anyone when they talk about liquidation stock... it just doesn't seem right.
  3. Please post all questions as to authenticity in the Authenticate This Chloe thread. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.