cattiest thing you've heard people say

  1. random thread, i guess. but a friend of mine and i were talking about a mutually disliked coworker. apparently my friend (let's call her Anna) had some pics of herself with a male friend. Our coworker (let's call her Jane) came by and said, "oh, you finally got a boyfriend?" Anna said, "No, that's not my boyfriend, he's just a friend."

    Jane said, "Lucky me! I have a boyfriend."

    WTF? we're still trying to figure out if jane is utterly clueless or she's just being a biatch.
  2. Wow, she must be really proud of this boyfriend. What comes out of people's mouths never cease to amaze me.
  3. I have a good one. I was in a big lecture hall in college, and these girls from a snotty sorority were sitting in the row in front of them. They were gossiping about some girl they knew. One girl goes "well at least she dresses well... she wears a lot of ralph lauren". And the other girl goes "well you can get that at outlets."
  4. haha wow....

    ok so when i was applying to law schools someone told me a family member said, "Wow im so proud of her getting in, i didnt think she would get in anywhere!"

    haha i was like um are u happy for me or calling me stupid!! haha and for her info i got into almost EVERY SINGLE school i applied to (except harvad, but that was a given haha)! umphhhh!!!
  5. Ive heard many horrible caddy was all from a family member talking about another family member and was mostly about money and status....

    Once I almost wanted to scream.."F*** you all" and totally had to hold it in and felt myself turning red with was the worst thing ever.....

    Families are the cruelist ones of all.....
  6. the bi..est thing I have ever heard was a story someone else told me:
    it was a couple of ladies looking at wedding pics and the MIL of the bride started to laugh at the bride in one pic saying that she looked dumb there. I am very close to the bride and when I heard that story I just can't for the MIL - the bride told me she was so hurt. MIL is still extremely jealous... anyway.

    another fav, again coming from a real b... (you can tell I have lovely people around me...): discussing with friends of ours about their daughter..... the b.. says: but where does the girl get her nose from??? I mean, like who would say that? fair enough the daughter has a bit a large nose but nothing terrible - would you say that to the father/mother?

    oh wow, my list is endless and this will turn into a 3 page rant so I better stop. thanks for this thread - when I have another one that I just can't get over I will come back here for therapy.

    oh hold on I have to share this one:
    went to visit a couple from the immediate family in the hospital after their son had been born. brought my own baby (4 months then - have to say that they decided to get pregnant after i shared my preggo news..). i pretty much shushed my baby through the whole visit in order not to steal their thunder: and for the third time the woman said to my child: oh now you don't get all the attention anymore.... i left in such a fury - i mean who says that to a 4 month old baby 3 TIMES unless you have a real attention deficit (i found out since then that is the case)
  7. this one B... quizzically looks at a friend's shoe and asks what size shoes she wears.. she says 10s...the B... drops her jaw and exclaims "and I thought i had big feet! I wear size 7"

  8. When I was maybe 9 or 10, my stepmother's grandmother (she was in her 80s at the time) was introduced to me at a party, and the first thing she said to me was: "Wow, you're a big girl! Well, I guess we can't all be pretty."

    She passed away a few years ago and I wish I would have attended her funeral so that I would know where to go to dance on her grave.:devil:
  9. ^Something about grandmothers. Dh's grandmother said one time, "You look like a stuffed sausage in that skirt". I was like wtf??:cursing: Seriously, you say that in your head, not out loud. And, if I had looked that horrible, DH would have said something.
  10. ^^^In defense of older people, I really believe that as you get older (really old, like 80s) I think you lose your ability to hold things in. Or discretion. Or something. I hear my dear mother say stuff she never would have said a few years ago. And she will repeat it on other occasions.
  11. I really like this thread. Keep it going guys!
  12. I must have the soul of an 80 year old grandmother then. :roflmfao:

    Personally, I think people are too sensitive and try to be very PC because they don't want to handle the truth. I also don't think a lot of people own mirrors anymore. This is proven by the "short shorts" trend and women of a certain size trying to stuff their big asses into them.

    I admit it, I am a very sarcastic person. But nothing beats my now deceased grandmother. There was a big family reception for my uncles 50th bday party. In walks a cousin who I don't see a lot of but she gained a lot of weight. She was wearing a moomoo or tent with some big pastel flower print on it. It was not a good look. Nobody said anything until grandma blurted out "Holy Cow, look at the freaking Easter Egg that just walked in." Everyone at the table burst out laughing.
  13. Recently I got this:

    Older overweight lady : You look so cute with that mini skirt. I used to wear skirt like that when I was younger but I looked way cuter than you !

    WTH ???:confused1:
  14. MY best friend has breast cancer and is now cancer free, but has gone thru HEL- for 3 years...... She kept a positive attitude and hardly missed a day off work.
    She has had more than one client come in to work to shop with her and they actually have said to her face ":You are still here, I thought you would be dead by now" This really upsets her because so many friends or clients who have had cancer have died and in spite of her being told things like there was no hope and she was stage 4--she is considered cancer free now. She usually leaves and goes to another department when these clients talk this way but it amazes me that not one but many people are stupid enough to say this to her. UGH.
  15. Seriously??? How can anyone be so insensitive? :cursing: