Catsuit's: Are They Done ?

  1. [​IMG]
    The supermodel gets serious about her spandex in an Azzedine Alaia catsuit and leather corset belt at a fashion event in New York.
  2. ^ That is horrid .
  3. Hey if you have the figure then you can just about wear anything and look good. If I was in a catsuit I'd look like a sausage with rubber bands around it *shudder*
  4. It doesn't really look like a catsuit, to me, because the bottom part looks a slightly different colour and thickness to the top part.

    If I saw her in this, I'd assume she was wearing leggings and a tank top. :shrugs:

    I think it needs to be in a slightly thicker, matter, more cotton-rich fabric to look good.

    Even then, I'd prefer leggings and a longer top.
  5. Oh, Gosh, I hope they're done! Even if I did have supermodel porportions, I would never wear anything like that! Ewwwww!
  6. Know what's funny about this catsuit thing? I was at Target the other day, and I saw full-length bodysuits (catsuits) for a bargain (about $20). I thought to myself, "Are bodysuits in style"? I gave serious thought to getting one in black to wear with a cute skirt and a croped wrap top. Then I remembered what a PAIN it is when it comes time to use the bathroom. That stopped me cold.

    As far as wearing a catsuit "a capella" like Kate Moss, I think you need a million dollar body AND a whole lot of confidence. She looks hot, even if I couldn't get away with it.
  7. I actually think Kate looks a bit too thin for it. I think the look needs a few curves.

    The original '80s Amazonian supermodels looked amazing in Alaia.