Cats in danger of being put down in NJ. Need help!

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    From: Kathleen [mailto:]
    Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 8:49 AM
    Subject: Urgent--Please cross post to all! 48 hours left to save 36

    Less than 48 hours remain before loving housecats are taken from
    home and euthanized.
    Rescue Groups Needed
    Foster Homes Needed
    Individuals Needed
    If several people take just one or two, they can be saved.



    An urgent situation has come up involving 36 cats in a Dunellen
    residence. The woman who owns them, who has been on the fringe of
    rescue for a few years, has suffered an extreme mental breakdown.
    This information just comes to us (friends who have worked with her
    in the past) and we are told that a distant family member has already
    stepped in and will be putting the woman in the hospital on Tuesday,
    September 26. The relative has arranged for animal control to come to
    the house to take the animals on Wednesday morning, September 27.

    This is urgent—these animals are rescued, well-adjusted, loving,
    friendly pets who are used to being loved and cared for. Used to
    sleeping in their owner's bed, and used to giving and receiving

    The woman's compromised state has just come to the attention of
    people who are willing to help; however, this news comes at the
    height of kitten season, where everyone who is capable is
    overextended without being allotted more time.

    There is no time for photos right now—we have done the best we could
    to at least get descriptions of some of the most adoptable animals,
    which the woman was lucid enough to describe to us. We are hoping
    that you can see thru the print on the page to the eyes and faces
    that need you to reach out to them. They are as follows:

    Gumby: Female, light gray long-haired cat, very sweet—starts kneading
    her feet at the sight or voice of a visitor. Age 7 or 8 years.

    Honey—4 years old…just a kitten when rescued, and for her to endure
    such an end is unjust. She is a lovely white patch calico cat,
    extremely sweet and affectionate…kisses her owner on the lips and

    Sugar—a tortie lapcat, age 3 to 4 years.

    Red—DSH Orange male tabby cat—handsome lump of loving!

    Brian—Orange cat with white bib and white feet…extremely friendly and

    Another male orange tabby there, about 5 years old, who is a mushpot—
    couldn't get the name from the voice mail I received—super friendly
    and loves to headbutt. 5-years old and has crumpled ears from past
    neglected ear problems before rescue.

    Midnight—Longhaired black cat rescued from a cruelty case in Dunellen
    a few years ago. Age 4 to 5 years, friendly and so affectionate.
    Female I think…

    Itty-Bitty—Black and white female that has a tendency to be fearful
    other animals, therefore inviting them to pick on her…she would be
    best suited for people only, and needs gentle reassurance and love—
    doesn't like to be picked up, but will come and purr and rub around
    your legs to give affection…she is primed to learn to trust someone
    who can take time with her.

    Blackie—Longhaired black male cat, again, rescued from the Dunellen
    nightmare. Also shy, but well-mannered and keeps to himself. Loves
    to sit in the window.

    Benny, Willie and Muffin—siblings, all are gray/Russian-Blue type who
    are about 6 to 7 years old. Extremely loveable and greet
    visitors—friendly sweet and playful—too good to be put to death!

    Toby—Male, front declawed cat, extremely affectionate.

    Rhett—Orange tabby, a little older than the rest at age 9 or 10. SO

    Angel—Longhaired black and white kitty, so loving, not shy at all,
    runs to the kitchen to greet her owner and anyone else who comes in.

    Molly—female kitty…no other info, the message cut off here.

    There are more, but these represent the greatest part of the
    animals—most are friendly and well-adjusted. All are adults who are
    spayed and neutered.

    This woman had a breakdown and has been unable to care for these
    kitties…they are desperate to find homes—permanent, foster, or rescue
    organization. There is no alternative for these cats unless several
    groups or individuals can step in—and there is no time to wait it out
    and see how it goes….there is today, Monday, and tomorrow, Tuesday,
    that's it.

    If you can help with any of these animals, please contact Kathleen at during the day, or call 908-233-1502 after 5 p.m.

    Time is truly of the essence—picture your own animals if something
    like this happened to you
  2. :crybaby: :crybaby: The poor little kitties. I wish I could take them all home with me.
  3. It's so heartrending.
  4. This makes me incredibly sad because I'm far and I'm not allowed to have animals here :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: I hope those poor kitties are all rescued soon :heart:
  5. Where is this in NJ exactly? I live and have family in NJ.

  6. Central NJ.

    Good news - several of these cats have been adopted,:yahoo: but the rest still need good homes. Thanks to this list and an other, there has been interest in the cats, and they have been granted a 3-4 week reprive. But they still need good homes.

    thank you all!
  7. Meowgal, thanks for the update. Hopefully more of the poor creatures will be saved when the grace period is up.
  8. Any further update please, meowgal? Thanks.
  9. Bump.

  10. I heard last week about half of them were saved. The other half or so still need homes, but due to the overwhelming response, they have been given a repreive.

    Sorry it took so long to get back, lost internet at home, and had to switch servers.

    Thank you all for the concern about these kitties!
  11. OMG, I wish I can save at least one of them. If I'm in NJ, I would def do something about it. I hope ALL of them can find new loving homes.
  12. Meowgal, many thanks for the update, and sorry to hear about your internet probs. Relieved to hear half have been saved, fingers crossed for the remaining ones.
  13. A wee bump - another week or so to go.
  14. I will definitely look into this place. Last night, at 1:30 am, my husband and I put our beloved Scotty down...He died in my arms and I miss his terribly. As his brother and sister, he was a rescue and he just never stopped giving until the end...His gratitude was evident daily...I think adopting a rescue cat is one of the most wonderful things you can do....I tend to look at his passing as him making room for us to save another....So thanks for the link and bless you for caring...Head bonks. :P :heart:

  15. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about poor Scotty, moremoremore. :sad:

    It's very true that rescue animals love you even more, as, I think, unfortunately, they know that they can't take human kindness for granted.

    I hope that you can help another rescue cat and that you both will be as happy as you and Scotty have been. :flowers:

    Head bonks to you, too. :yes: