Cats in costume

  1. I just got back from a business trip to Japan, and I noticed a trend with not just dressing up dogs but dressing up cats too.

    I haven't really seen dress up clothes for cats here in the United States. They are so cute but I really have no doubt that my kitties would hate me for the rest of their nine lives if I dressed them up.

    Anyhow, here is a link to some pics, they are so cute.

    yƒyƒbƒg—Ç•i‘î”z•ÖzƒlƒR‚Ì‚¨—m•ž‰®‚³‚ñ@ƒLƒƒƒbƒgƒvƒŠƒ“ (looks wierd but link works)

    The tailor of a cat CAT PRIN

  2. awww too cute ^_^ need to get my cat a costume lol
  3. Very cute!!!!!
  4. I love the first one!! haha cute!
  5. I love them, our cat woud be furious!!!!:angel:
  6. The Scottish Fold pics are too cute,my baby wouldn't put up with these outfits for one minute:lol: .
  7. These costumes are so cute!
    Our cat would not be a fan though.
    I tried to get him to wear his costume night before last for pics and he has snubbed me since.:hrmm:
    He's dressing up tomorrow night for trick or treaters whether he likes it or not. lol.
  8. LOL!! that's so cute but the cat doesn't look too happy :P
  9. My cats would claw my eyes out if I tried this!!
  10. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
  11. The cats look terrified. LOL
  12. Guess what, I dress my cats up! I actually buy the clothes from the lady who makes these in Japan (Catprin). The cat Saphynne has shown are her cat Prin. She also has another Scottish Fold that dresses up for her, too. The clothes are all handmade by her! I buy them, and she sends them to my mom in Japan, and my mom sends them to me in CA! I dress them once a year and make calendars! I also buy and give them to my cat lover friends! No, the cats don't necesarily enjoy them... Especially those one you have to put over the head. But they usually do fine on the collar ones. Pretty much all outfits are velcro. Here are few from her collections with my kitties modeling :P
    FrenchVenusEmail.jpg FrenchStar2email.jpg FrenchPrinceWrigley3.jpg bunnychiclet.jpg redhairvenus.jpg
  13. OK, the ones w/ the little wigs attatched are my favorite....too cute!! I have 3 cats. Don't think I'll ever be successful at taking their pics w/ costumes. Those would make some killer holiday cards!
  14. I love these photos. As a cat lover with 3 cats, I would love to be able to dress mine up, but I doubt they would let me..:lol:
  15. Wow, really darling.