Cats and water bottles

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  1. So my cat Stitch is generally a good cat but when he likes to chew on plants and get on the coffee table. I spray him with a water bottle as a deterrent and say "no" in a stern voice when he does it. The problem is when he sees me with the water bottle he just sits there and squints his eyes. I am sorry but sometimes I can't help but laugh and that defeats the purpose. He still continues to do it even after I spray him. Are there any other way to help him not chew on plants or get on the coffee table? TIA
  2. Not that I know of :sad:

    My cat is also getting quite bold about the water bottle. He just gives me the evil eye when he sees it but he doesn't stop whatever he's doing until I actually squirt him. One time I squirted him and it squirted right in his eye. He just closed that one eye pirate-style and then stood there glaring at me like, "I dare ya to squirt me in the other eye."
  3. You can try the bitter yuck spray that you can get at PetSmart, Petco. It's supposed to have a nasty taste so your kitty won't chew on things. It's also supposed to be safe to spray on your plants and furniture.
    It didn't work for my cats, but my sister swears it works on hers. That being said, when it starts to wear off, her cat will chew on things again. So you really have to stay on top of spraying.
  4. (ha sorry wrote this and then saw aklein's post!)
    as for the plant... is there something you could spray on it that would make it taste terrible? i have one cat that likes to try and get my food. the other day i had something that had a very strong vinegar smell... she immediately backed away from that.

    as for the coffee table. i would give you cat a stern "NO" every time they went on it and immediately take them off.

    i have to do this with one of my cats and my kitchen counters. while he does get up there (and no doubt when i'm not home). he knows that he's not suppose to get up there. if i see him, i will walk towards him and tell him to get down and he will. sometimes all it takes is for me to look at him, get his attention and motion for him to get down.
  5. Get a metal can and put a couple of coins in it. Every time the cats jumps on the table shake the can and yell no. It works with 10 of my 12 cats. The other 2 are afraid of nothing. You can also try double sided tape if it will not hurt the table to use it. Cats hate tape. After jumping on the tape a few times they get the hint. As for the plants I would get him his own. You can buy cat grass or catnip plants that the cat can chew to his heart's delight. He will probably prefer the taste of this over the other plants and leave them alone. Good luck. I know just how you feel. LOL
  6. ^Thanks Cindi wow 10 out of 12 cats I think you know what you're talking about. I think I will try the coins in a can. Stitch is very afraid of loud noise. Maybe that will get his attention scare him off. He loves to put his nose into everything though. Tonight while eating dinner he jumped on my lap and practically had his whole face on the plate. Bad kitty I did say "no" and shooed him away but he slowly keeps sneaking back. Oh well.
  7. ^^i have to keep a barrier between my plate and my cat. it's ridiculous! although i bring it on myself because i don't eat at my kitchen table. since it's just me i eat on a tv tray in front of the tv. and the tray is about level to my cat. so i have this thick pillow that i put up on the edge so that she can't stick her face or paw into my food. she still tries occasionally.
  8. I've heard putting oranges or orange peel in the dirt near a plant deters them, but we use the water bottle method too.

    The biggest cat of ours just "hunkers down" to avoid feeling the water, but we just let them have it and eventually the water gets to them and we have a wet rug.

    Now we just 'wave the bottle' or aim it at them and they'll take off knowing they are in trouble.
  9. Mine tries to put his face up to mine when I'm eating like I'd accidentally give it to him instead :smile: Or he'll paw at my hand like I need to re-direct the direction it's going to....

    I swear he'd chew my face off if he could get to my food.
  10. Haha these posts are so funny. My cat sits at the table on a chair and stares at me while I eat. His little head just follows my fork back and forth from my plate to my mouth with rapt attention. I think he's hoping just once I will feel sorry for him and give him a little taste.

    I'm going to try the coins in a can method because the water bottle doesn't work too well on him.

  11. haha exactly!!! this made me laugh just reading it. mine will also paw at my plate... as if hoping to catch the edge and pull the plate/bowl close to her. that is especially 'fun' when it's a bowl of spaghetti!
    i have a picture that i took of one time of when i "let her" do what she wanted to do, just for a pictures sake. i'll get it uploaded here shortly.
  12. ok so this is my cat sunday..... i normally do not let her get this far onto my tv tray. she'll just sit there with her nose pointed towards the food with her eyes all squinty as if thinking "i can get this food to come to me by esp!" i am really bad and still give her some crumbs. she LOVES bread crumbs...

  13. We started spraying Roxy after reading thousand "expert" advice om how to deal with wrong behaviour.
    What happened after a while is that we don't even need to spray her anymore. It's enough to show her the bottle, and she stops doing whatever she is doing and runs away. I come with the bottle, wearing an angry face like "do you want me to refresh your memory", and she is gone. It's actually kinda funny. :biggrin:

    I tried to put orange peel inside my closet, so she would not steal the clothes, but she just jumped over it.
  14. aw man I wish my cat Itchy would beg for scraps like my dog does lol. he could care less about my food. the only time he begs and meows and meows is when i am cutting raw chicken and steak, then i have to throw him a few pieces
  15. The other important part in training a cat to do anything is consistency. If you give him food off your plate once in a while (you know who you are, lol) you can't expect him to learn his behavior is wrong. There are certain foods I will share with my cats. Popcorn, cheese curls, vanilla ice cream. They have started to learn that when I say no it means no and they can only have certain things but it's tough because I do give them some things. I guess if I were more bothered by it I would stop altogether. But they are so cute how can I deny them? lol