Cats and leather upholstery...any experience? Is it a Do or a Don't?

  1. Our living room sofa and love seat are horribly shabby, thanks to 8 cats who view them as their own private scratching posts. My DH and I were talking about getting new stuff and we would both like to get some sweet leather furniture from Restoration Hardware or similar. But it would REALLY suck if the kitties destroyed that, too! Any advice?
  2. My orange tabby loves my desk chair...he thinks its a giant stratching post.
  3. BAD idea! Unless you do want holes in your furniture... those pesky little creatures will just sleep on it and claw through it no matter what :push:
  4. Well guess what...? Friends of my parents are giving me some furniture for my appartment (they rock :wtf:!!!!)...

    ...and they're made out of LEATHER! Ouch.... :push: Does that make me a hypocrite? :roflmfao:
  5. Cats will use anything to scratch. I had a leather sofa in college because I thought it would be better than cloth. Didn't make a difference.
  6. I have scratching posts all over the house for my cats, leather sofas always seem to be favourite though!!!!:heart:
  7. I don't have leather at the moment and my cats are really good at using their scratching post BUT I still get tiny marks on the covers of my fabric lounge where they grip when the jump up so I think the holes would be much worse with leather and your cats would probably love threading the leather.:sad:
  8. My cats never use the furniture for a scratching post; they only use their actual scratching post.

    I have leather furniture and there are a few scratches on it but those were unintentional and not from being used as a scratching post.
  9. After gettting rid of a couch that we had stopped sitting on because the cat hair got so bad we switched to leather couches. It has worked out great for us. Our cats hate the leather couches and generally won't go on them unless we are on them and they want to sit on our lap. They used to scratch the chenille couch especially the part that they had previously shreded, but don't scratch the leather at all. If they do shed on the leather, the other advantage is that it brushes right off. I would just make sure that if you get leather furniture that there are scratching posts available for when they feel the need to scratch.
  10. Leather+cats=Very bad idea. My cat would run across them like a maniac when she was a kitten. She put tons of little holes in my couches. She also destroyed my dining table chairs which are leather. I had another cat that kneaded the back of my loveseat-wanted to kill her. :mad:
  11. We have a leather couch and two leather recliners. Our cat tried to use one of the chairs as a scratching post, but she no longer does that. She has pretty much destroyed one of our chairs though, just from jumping on and off it over the past year or so. The couch she hasn't harmed at all, she doesn't get on it as much though.
    I wouldn't personally rec. leather furniture with cats...unless you can deal with the little holes/scratches here and there.