Cats and airplanes

  1. I'm planning a trip at the end of August. I will be flying from CA to FL and want to take my kitty with me. The flight out is 8 hrs because of layover, taking into consideration the time change. I'm wondering if I should consider tranquilizing her so she won't complain during the flight. Does anybody have experience flying with the cats?
  2. I had my vet give my cat a light sedative. I also put him in a carrier that was small enough to fit under the seat in front of me so he could see me. My flight was only 2 hours though so ask your vet what he/she recommends.
  3. American Veterinary Medical Association does not recommend sedating animals for traveling in air...

    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial][SIZE=-1]Don't Sedate or Tranquilize Pets Traveling By Air[/SIZE][/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial][SIZE=-1] [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial][SIZE=-1]American Humane Association Cautions Veterinarians and Pet Owners[/SIZE][/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial][SIZE=-1] [/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial][SIZE=-1] Many pet owners may decide to take the family pet along on their trips. A well-planned trip with the family pet can be fun; however, if air travel is involved, leaving pets at home with a good pet sitter may be a much better option. [/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial][SIZE=-1] Pets are just like people who sometimes become anxious when they don't travel frequently. This leads some owners and veterinarians to question whether administering sedatives or tranquilizers to dogs or cats prior to flight is a good idea. According to national and international air transport organizations, as well as the American Humane Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association, in most cases the answer is "no"! [/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial][SIZE=-1] "An animal's natural ability to balance and maintain equilibrium is altered under sedation," noted Dr. Patricia Olson, DVM, Ph.D., director of veterinary affairs and studies for the American Humane Association. "When the kennel is moved, a sedated animal may not be able to brace and prevent injury." [/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial][SIZE=-1] Whether flying in the cabin or with cargo, animals are exposed to increased altitude pressures of approximately 8,000 feet. Increased altitude, according to Olson, can create respiratory and cardiovascular problems for dogs and cats who are sedated or tranquilized. [/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial][SIZE=-1] "Brachycephalic (short-faced) dogs and cats are especially affected," noted Olson. "Although thousands of pets are transported uneventfully by air, airline officials believe that when deaths do occur they often result from the use of sedation." [/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial][SIZE=-1] The American Humane Association cautions veterinarians to carefully consider the use of tranquilizers or sedatives for their clients who are considering air transportation for their family pet. [/SIZE][/FONT]
  4. wow thats very interesting to read!!! :smile: good to know
    i would never take my babies with me cause i just think for them it isnt plesent and i dont want to put them through that just so i can be happy to have them
    so my friend cares for my babies when i go away and she does a great job :smile:
  5. well, all I can say is that my cat was fine but again, it was a short trip.
  6. right thats true i guess short trips are a different story, ive never gone on a short airplane flight so i forget that sometimes ppl only go for like an hr :smile:
  7. Thank you for this information!! I have decided not to take my cat on the plane, and I am putting her in a kitty hotel for the week while I am gone.
  8. what woould we do without TPF!!! :smile: i swear i learn so much from you ladies, this is the way that i learned about the evil pet food recall and thank goodness i read it here just the day after the 1st recall and stopped feeding my cats the poison food!!!!

    But really its so great to be able to ask Qs here and find out so much!! :smile:

    im glad you are going to leave kitty just so he/she feels no stress and she /he will be SO happy to see you when you are back!!! :smile: Just make sure they dont have any of the evil catfoods to feed the cats(or give them your own!)

  9. Yes, definitely! I don't know what I would do without the smart women on this forum! :yahoo:
  10. Does anybody have experience leaving their pet at Petsmart pet hotel? It looks like a good place, it's 24 hour care and the cats are allowed to play for an hour or two each day.

    My biggest concern is my baby thinking I'm abandoning her...
  11. It is really all up to you at the end because you know your cat/dog the best. I know some friends who take their cat everywhere (but mostly by car) and the cat does fine...except at the vets:p. As for cats, my experience is that they do better if they are left in the house and have someone to come to take care of them. If I would ever have to board, I would prefer a place where it is vet hospital that does boarding. If there is a feline exclusive hospital, those are the best. No barking dogs. I am not sure about those pet hotels at Petsmart... Are you sure it is 24 hours care?
    If you had a choice, I would leave your cat at your home and have a friend or neighbor come by daily to every other day. I don't think your cat will think you abandoned her... Unlike dogs, they may do fairly well without the humans. But she will let you know when you get back;)
  12. cats do get stressed out when their owners are away for long periods. I agree with the above post, if you can get someone to "cat sit" at your place, that would be best. cause yes, it is possible that she will get a little panicky if you leave her at a cat hotel cause they don't know if you are coming back or not. again, it depends on the animal. some are cool with it, some aren't. mine wasn't. (she rubbed all the fur off her cheek he was so stressed out about being left in a cat hotel - even though it was a really good one that let them out to play and he had his own condo and everything...) I had a cat sitter.
  13. I used to fly my two dogs often, only for an hour flight, to see my parents, and my vet told me that cabin compression and sedation can lead to heart attack!! Having said that, I had another vet who was German and used to work at Frankfurt airport, and she said they "sedated animals often. She only saw a few dead animals" EEkkk, a few would be a pointer for me!!

    Just as an aside, if you fly an animal through/via Heathrow airport, they absolutely will not allow any sedated animal to fly, due to the reasons posted above, ie, injury during transit and especially the respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

    I have to say, I think your idea of a cat holiday is best. I hated flying with my pups, and I was always concerned about how they were doing in the luggage hold! Few scraped noses on a few bumpy flights, and, I ALWAYS had to make a point of telling every flight crew member I saw to make sure and let the captain know there were dogs on board and the make sure and pressurise the luggage hold!!!

  14. how long are in FL for? I have traveled with my dogs but never my cat.
  15. Hi guys
    Can i just ask something [Sorry for crashing your thread Cutie!!!]
    I'm going away later this year with my family for awhile [few months] And we don't want them to be in a cat hotel or anything for such a long time so it's a 10hr flight...How do i get them over there without anything to calm them?! they cant even go in the car with out crying and causing abit of a mess in their carriers :rolleyes: HELP PLEASE??

    & Cutie about the Cat hotels
    We where concidering at cat hotel when we went on holiday a few months ago but our vet said it was a No no they are badly treated esp cause my one cat has a very sensitive stomach and they couldnt be sure if they would get the food that she is ok with kwim?
    Maybe you should ask you vet for a recomendation or do you have any family living close by that could go to your house every day and feed your cats and make sure they are ok??
    Hope you find out something that works for you and have fun in Fl :smile: