Catnip and Purses (pls comment)

  1. oh yes, so i've been doing a photo shoot, and i'd LOVE to know what you all think... heheheeee

    Introducing the family cat, Babette You *****. she's OFFICIALLY (like when my roommate and i part) my gay roommates cat, but i love her almost as much as he does so there. I BOUGHT HER HER OWN PURSE! hehe.

    please comment and tell me what you think of these pix i took, i had so much fun and i think she's quite the lil model hehe. i have pics up of her with my Dooney Platinum hobo i might as well post in this thread too hehe.


    The Intro:
    Intro.JPG need it love it 1.JPG want some more of it 2.JPG
  2. and now!

    Babette You *****'s premire professional photo shoot (LMAO i am so ridiculous) :roflmfao:

    she's FAB tho right? ain't she a hoot?
    TaTaPose1.JPG TaTaPose2.JPG TaTaPose3.JPG
  3. she even loves my pursies too. what a ham!
    Platinum ta ta hobo.JPG tata Dooney.JPG
  4. she is cute! :love:
  5. ty she poses like a diva ;)
  6. awwww haha she is SO cute!! :smile: its so hard to get cats to take awsome pictures these are amazing!!

    shes obviously just like her mama!
  7. :shame: thankies hehe i have to get my male kitten a murse LMAO.
  8. So cute lol, she knows how to pose!
  9. hehe ty
  10. haha that cracked me up... kitty loves her purses!
  11. my only regret is not catching her in the act of carrying it in her mouth LOL... it only happened one time, and it was to run away from my kitten who at the time was tryin to take it... HE should get a murse i say.
  12. LMAO - a murse! YES - I agree!
  13. hahaha! cute photo's!
  14. lol... ty, i think Booey (who im thinkin i shouldn't call a kitten anymore, he's a young adult cat, gettin big :yes:) is VERY interested in paper bags at this point in his life. i'm pretty sure thats the only bag hes gonna care about... but we'll see what i can find, or MAKE!
  15. Is "You *****" part of your cat's name or is this a joke??:wtf: