Cathrine Zeta -Jones, Michael Douglas & The Kids

  1. Judging from these two photos, it looks like she may have had a nose job and way too much Botox
  2. 01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg
  3. I think she looks good...she has a pretty face.
  4. He has recovered well.
  5. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones leaving Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, CA (June 22).
    01.jpg 03.jpg 02.jpg
  6. LOVE that wrap! Chic!
  7. I think Michael Douglas looks OK. My dad had said he was in really bad shape, but he looks like he's maintaining.
  8. Arriving at the Late Show with David Letterman, NYC, January 2013
    catherine.jpg catherine2.jpg catherine3.jpg
  9. Gorgeous! She looks almost like her old self here. Love her.
  10. She looks great.

    She take her implants out ? She doesn't look as big / high profile / perky / round booby ish she used to look

    I like it.
  11. wow! she looks great (hate the dress though), and I agree she looks alot more like she used to. Very beautiful.
  12. Out in NYC
    article-2263958-17001D8B000005DC-815_308x744.jpg article-2263958-170039D0000005DC-723_310x742.jpg article-2263958-17000D63000005DC-422_312x627.jpg article-2263958-1701C4C5000005DC-886_634x899.jpg article-0-16FE8565000005DC-687_638x873.jpg article-0-16FE8569000005DC-846_308x726.jpg article-2263958-1701C561000005DC-423_634x997.jpg
  13. Looking goooood!