Catherline Malandrino Sample Sale NY

  1. Catherine Malandrino Sample Sale

    Enhance your femininity while cultivating an edge with Catherine Malandrino's Spring collection. Define your style with ultra feminine proportion and intricate cutouts. Enjoy the lightness of the fabrics and the softness of the yarn. Make this sale event your Spring Summer destination. Sizes 2 to 12.

    Event Begins: 6/21/2006 Event Ends: 6/23/2006 Event Times: Wed-Thu 8am-8pm
    Fri 8am-5pm
    Location: 110 W. 19th St. (The Metropolitan Pavilion)
    (btwn. 6th & 7th Ave.)
    North Pavilion
    New York, NY 10011
    (212) 840-0106
    Payment Types: Cash/VISA/AMEX/MC
  2. I got a post card over the weekend for that but it said on the postcard it was for today (at a different address). I wanted to post it but I thought it was only today :sad: and i didn't have access to net over the weekend. Good to know it's still going on somewhere else throughout the week. I :heart: Catherine malandrino. Her fabrics are just soooooooo nice and durable, yet very delicate looking.
  3. I went to the sale this morning at around 7:30am and waited about 40 minutes before it opened. I got a whole bunch of stuff--they have a great selection so try to go before the end of today. :smile:

    If I can recall, I think the prices are...
    Camisoles, and Sleeveless tops $109
    Regular tops and Blouses $149
    Short Skirts $169
    Shorts and Capris $159-169?
    Sun Dresses $225
    They also have sweaters, jackets and other winter stuff. I did not see any accessories or bags...

    Def. a steal compared to their usual prices!
  4. Did they have a lot of the smallest size left (I believe that's a size 2)?

    Thank you.