Catherine Zeta-Jones wants to get naked

  1. Catherine Zeta-Jones wants to appear naked in a film.

    The Hollywood beauty insists she has no problem stripping off on screen, and
    is just waiting for the right role to come along.

    Catherine, 37, said: “Nudity just isn’t a big deal for me. The reason I
    haven’t done it so far is because I’ve never had a script that justices it
    come my way.”

    The Welsh actress - who plays a chef in new movie ‘No Reservations’ - also
    admits she is surprised when people describe her as a sex symbol.

    Catherine, who is married to 62-year-old actor Michael Douglas and has two
    children, insists she isn’t glamorous and prefers playing normal characters
    because she doesn’t have to spend hours in make-up.

    She said: “I don’t think I’m beautiful. I’ve never said that I am. A lot of
    the characters I’ve played are glamorous, but understated roles suit me

    “Whenever I hear that my character is supposed to be beautiful and glam, I
    think, ‘Oh God, that means two-and-a-half hours in make-up to make me look
    the part.”
  2. I think she is beautiful.
  3. I agree she is beautiful.
  4. ^^ITA i think she would be great in a seductress type role
  5. She's ALREADY got naked on screen!
    It was for her first movie; she played some sort of genie that jumped off a giant balloon or something... totally naked!
    I swear I am not making this up.
  6. I'd watch it. Shes gorgeous.
  7. She can rally to star in Basic Instinct 3. In it, she can sit in front of her husband sans undies while she feeds him in the nursing home! :p
  8. She is so beautiful and classy.
  9. She´s a stunning woman so all the power to her.
  10. I hope she does some femme fatale role à la Basic Instinct in the future! That would be awesome!:tup: LOVE her!!!:heart:

    Roo! LMAO!!!
  11. She's one of the most beautiful women in the world, she's being modest! :smile:
  12. OMG--is she SERIOUS??? She is absolutely stunning! In Zoro, she is super sexy--doesn't get more beautiful than that!;)
  13. I remember reading a quote from her that she stated she came out of the womb wearing makeup?

    While I agree she is ABSOLUTELY Beautiful....I think she's had a little help. What do you think?
    czj_young.jpg czj_now.jpg
  14. ^^^ I remember seeing other pre-op pictures of her. Some much worse than this one.
  15. she is amazing.