Catherine Zeta- Jones @ The Ivy

  1. I think she looks good !
    41878_catherinehqcb1_122_574lo.jpg 41904_catherinehqcb10_122_436lo.jpg 41863_catherinehqcb2_122_457lo.jpg 41861_catherinehqcb13_122_492lo.jpg
  2. More pics
    czj11.jpg czj21.jpg czj31.jpg
  3. I don't like her, but she has to be one of the most gorgeous women ever.
  4. Great pix!! I love love love her!!!!
  5. she looks so beautiful:smile:
  6. She looks very good!
  7. She looks like an old Hollywood movie star!
  8. She looks good.
  9. Love the bag!! who's it made by?
  10. Love her:love:
    (Btw, Why do celebrities like to go to The Ivy? Because the food is delicious there or other reasons? Is it an expensive restaurant? )
  11. Wow - she looks gorgeous!
  12. She is so gorgeous!
  13. I think that's Salvatore Ferragamo's bag! And I have the same bag!:yes: :p :nuts:
    Love it!
  14. She looks rather stylish. She's gorgeous, smart, and witty! And now she has one of my favorite bags! I HATE HER! :p