Catherine Zeta-Jones returning to NYC apartment (07/25/07)

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  2. I just love her! Oh man, get a glimpse of that rock, holy smokes!
  3. She looks beautiful, but her eyes seem wider open than they used to be. She reminds of Brooke Burke.
  4. She is just FABULOUS and SO OLD HOLLYWOOD!:tup: Gotta love her!:heart:
  5. So FAB! Love her!
  6. wow, she's looking good!

    sometimes she reminds me of VB, esp a few years ago :biggrin:
  7. wow she looks great, luv her!!
  8. I agree. She's beautiful and that rock almost made my eyes pop out of my head!
  9. Stunning...
  10. She's a gorgeous woman. Stunning.
  11. :yes:
  12. I think Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of THE most gorgeous creatures on earth, right under Angelina Jolie. They're my top two favorites; I think they're both breathtakingly beautiful.:yes:
  13. Her face looks different... anyone agree that she may have had some work done?

    But she is a very lovely, and very CLASSY, lady.
  14. i love her!!!!
  15. She looks goregous, love the shoes!