Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas

  1. The Sloane Ranger: Catherine seems to have adopted the abandoned uniform once worn by Fergie and Princess Diana
    The couple were pictured at a jurors dinner for the 10th Annual Bermuda International Film Festival. They have a home on the island's north shore, and are staunch supporters of the event.
    Famed for her exotic looks which she showcased in films such as The Mask of Zorro, and The Phantom, Catherine and Michael have two children together, Dylan, 6 and Carys, 3.

  2. Wow, for the first time ever Catherine looks BAD!
    She has really started to show her age.
    Such a cute couple though, I love Micheal!
  3. I think she is still in her 30's!!! Not a flattering pic. She looks frumpy.
  4. Not her best pics
  5. Catherine is 37 going on 57 by the looks of these pics.
  6. thats not CZJ thats a lookalike!
  7. Interesting, she's so gorgeous... but even the way she has her hair ages her.
  8. She's lovely but no to those pics, her hair looks like straw!
  9. OK, I think you guys need glasses--she is still beautiful. Look at him---he looks like he could be her grandfather. Why are people always so hard on women but it is OK for men to age and look like s__t??
  10. well not there best pics, but I love them both :smile:
  11. :sad:
  12. She looks so much older! I hope she's just bloated, tired, and jetlagged...or maybe pregnant. She is so gorgeous...usually!
  13. The word has always been that she lies about her age. Supposedly she is a bit older than she says.

    However, I still think she looks nice in those pictures. Perhaps the lighting was harsh? :shrugs:
  14. She's older than she publicly claims. A friend of mine who worked the security detail at the White House during Clinton's admin told me that her and her hubby came for a dinner there. They have to divulge their real date of birth for the security check and according to him, she's at least 7 or 8 years older than she claims publicly. She's still a beautiful lady IMO
  15. ^^^^Busted!! Actually it's a shame that women in movies are under so much pressure to be/look/act unnaturally young; men don't have the same problem. I think she's beautiful but this isn't her best photo. Michael needs to lay off the botox on the forehead.