Catherine Zeta- Jones & Michael Douglas Playing Golf

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    Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas playing golf this week

    Left: Fade to grey: Michael Douglas looks relaxed and - importantly - natural this week. Right: Hair to dye for: Douglas in 2006.

    Forget Botox, scalpels and lasers. Sometimes it's best to simply let nature have its way.

    The results, if Michael Douglas is anyone to go by, are a lesson in growing old more gracefully.

    With a glamorous wife 25 years his junior, the 62-year-old Oscar-winning actor has always seemed anxious to preserve his looks.

    He has spent a fortune on plastic surgery, having the first facelift he will admit to for his wedding seven years ago.

    Then, in April 2005, he was spotted on holiday in Barbados with scars near his ears, a telltale sign of another facelift. His spokesman denied surgery, insisting Douglas had benign lesions removed from his face.
    He is also rumoured to have had a tummy tuck and liposuction

    Yet strolling on the golf course in California with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, 37, as they hosted their annual celebrity golf tournament this week, it seemed Douglas has had a change of heart about his face. Not to mention his hair, which is usually dyed anything from brown to auburn.

    Now he is so grey he is almost white, and with a wrinkled brow and hint of jowls, looks exactly how a man in his seventh decade should.

    And that's a big departure from Hollywood standards. Plastic surgeon Alex Karidis said Douglas looked normal for a man his age who had had surgery.

    "There are only so many facelifts you can have," he said.
    "After a while the law of diminishing returns kicks in."
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    Heather Locklear
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    Mark Wahlberg stopped by...
  4. I think Michael looks really good, and the gray suits him much better than his dyed hair did.
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    Samuel L. Jackson:
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  9. Catherine looks fab even when golfing!!

    Micheals hair looks much better with his natural grey instead of the dyed hair!
  10. Catherine looks GREAT!!!

    And I LOVE Mark!:love:
  11. Ha! Everyone looks so cute!!
  12. Yes, they all look great. My husband plays and I hate it..but I go out there with my cute outfits sometimes....LOL
  13. Everyone looks pretty good - all nice and relaxed.
  14. Cute pictures! Everyone looks like they are having fun.
  15. Catherine looks beautiful..her outfit is soooo cute!!! Haha!!! Alice Cooper looks so funny!!! It's funny to see him in golf clothes!!!