Catherine Zeta Jones in Tokyo

  1. Catherine Zeta Jones looked simply stunning at the 'No Reservations' premiere in Tokyo. Neither her costars nor Michael was by her side for this one, but that dress is exciting enough to carry the event all by itself. Not many women can pull of floor length animal print and still look classy, but CZJ is definitely one of them.
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  2. Nice dress!She is amazing!
  3. I love her!She's gorgeous!
  4. She's just beautyful lady!
  5. She looks fabulous!!! I like her a lot!!! Thank you for the pics!
  6. I love her, she always looks stunning.
  7. She's gorgeous!!
  8. She looks good as usual.
  9. She's stunning!
  10. She is pretty but she needs tits!
  11. She is so fabulous!:heart:
  12. Beautiful.............for sure!
  13. That woman is GORGEOUS !!!
  14. She still looks fabulous even after marrying that old man!!