Catherine Zeta Jones Bag in No Reservations

  1. Just saw the movie No Reservations with Catherine Zeta Jones. My friend and I were both wondering what bag she was carrying throughout - anyone have an idea?:shrugs:
  2. Dear Gatsby,

    I believe we saw the movie together.

  3. :dftt:Just in case....

    I never saw the movie. How was it?
  4. Ohhh were you that one in the front who wouldn't silence her cell phone? :whistle: Ha! Missed your post, so sorry!
  5. I thought it was cute, sort of like that Raising Helen with Kate Hudson, only with food. ;)
  6. Are you calling HawkWoman a troll, and if so, why?
  7. That's exactly what I thought when I saw the preview. What's funny is that the little girl (Abigail Breslin) is in both movies, playing similar roles. LOL

    This seems to be a popular question. I have to see this handbag now.
  8. Thanks on behalf of Hawkwoman, I assure you, she's no troll, I told her about the board. Her bag collection is quite impressive and I knew she'd really have fun on this site :cool: I was just teasing her because I missed her post. We were both wondering on the bag from the movie.
  9. It does get your attention, it's a shoulder bag, darkish grey, looks either suede or soft leather, with some sort of tassles alongside the strap, pretty!
  10. Oh I have my reasons.:roflmfao:

    I never saw Raising Helen. So, I take it the movie was cute?
  11. Never been to a movie that once previews done they turned all the lights ON and a guy comes in and asks us how our day is going, turn off phones and no IM'ing as the light is disruptive then says enjoy and walks out turning lights down when he goes. Roll movie and we were off! Who knew!

    Gatsby and I are friends and saw this movie together then headed over to shop and were trying to find this bag!

    Movie is cute - some romance, some series - we got teary - some humor and learned about a true chef and what they do. Interesting.
  12. It was, it's not epic, it's cute like any Kate Hudson movie would be, (does that help?) only with Catherine Zeta Jones. Aaron Eckhart is in it too, he can be pretty cute, I liked him in Possession. At the least, it's a rental :smile:
  13. She's right, we did get teary! In my defense, some commercials make me teary!
    The chef scenes were impressive!
  14. I will have to see this then. I love CZJ. I know a lot goes into being a chef, it's a crazy/hard/rewarding career. When you all find out the name of the bag, don't forget to tell us. I am curious to know. Was it a bag CZJ had?
  15. Yes, she wore it throughout and often with a sort of pretty green coat, but the bag reminded me of what I would imagine the Coach Chelsea Suede Grommet XL Hobo would look with the tassles hanging down alongside the strap. If that's the way it looks when worn, then sign me up! So Hawkwoman :smile: and I strolled over to the Coach store after the movie and they had just sold the XL size with the tassels. Grr, I wanted to see it!

    If you or anyone sees the movie and can tell, it would be nice to know. Funny you see these letters in magazines where they answer these questions but by then the bag is long since gone/sold out...