Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas on vacation in the Menorca Islands

  1. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas were unable to escape the paparazzi and peanut throwing this weekend while on vacation in the Menorca Islands during the 'Verbena de Saint Joan' (The Festival of Saint John). At least they're both being good sports and looking pretty happy and in love.

    I think they're such a cute couple!
    CZJ and Michael1.jpg CZJ and Michael2.jpg CZJ and Michael3.jpg CZJ and Michael4.jpg
  2. I love them together!
  3. I just love her......even though she lies about her true age!
  4. They both look great!
  5. So how old is she for real???
  6. She needs to lose some weight.
  7. I love their outfits, they both look so relaxed and chic in their linen!
  8. She is truly gorgeous - an "old Hollywood" woman - I don't think she needs to lose weight! She is curvy and beautiful!
  9. I couldn't agree more! She's very feminine looking.
    Very old school Hollywood glamorous. :tup:
  10. Love them! They seem so in love.
  11. Yeah, my God she looks so fat. She's like pushin' 120 pounds there! :lecture: :rant:
  12. She's in her 40's.........
  13. not quite yet.. i believe she's still in her late 30's... i'm guessing 37? i think she looks great! they seem like a very loving couple.
  14. She looks great.
  15. FAT???? That is NOT fat. She looks lovely. I can not believe you honestly think that is fat. Im a LARD ass then.