Catherine Malandrino Sample Sale

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  1. ~​
    Monday, December 4 - Wednesday, December 6

    8:00am - 8:00pm daily

    Fall Collection 2006
    Prices wholesale and below
    Sizes 2 to 12​
  2. Where?
  3. 4th floor.
  4. OO thats near my school!! Yes!! I am sooo going!!
  5. Aahh! I'm so jealous!
  6. For anyone who is thinking of going to this sale, I recommend stopping by. I went yesterday, and was shocked at how much stock they had. The majority of their merchandise was all fall/winter 2006. Given that Malandrino's retail prices are so high, the sale prices didn't seem that bad. The following are some of the prices that I remember: blouses $129 or $149 (can't remember which), sweaters $159, camis $109, coats/trenches $370, dresses $249. They also had bermuda shorts, very few pants, and a section of skirts, but I don't remember those prices.

    I also stopped by there earlier today to pick up a sweater I didn't get yesterday and found that today they also put out "vintage" pieces (i.e., non-f/w 2006) at prices drastically below the f/w '06 items. I picked up a light leather embroidered jacket from the vintage section which retailed for $1,195 for only $100!

    I don't know how much is left over after today, but one of the staff there said they still had more stock to put out for tomorrow. It may still be well worth a trip if you like Maladrino's clothing.
  7. oooh i'm going tomorrow. if i ask you about a certain top can you tell me if they have it. i don't know if they will because it was limited edition.
  8. SHOOT! it was open til 8? darn it! i was there at the ks sample sale and left about 7. i figured it was closed already. darn darn darn!