Catherine Malandrino Sale L.A. 80% Off

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  1. Ladies,

    I just got back from the Catherine Malandrino sale. I went to the La Cienega location, but both LA stores are participating. Most dresses & blouses were 80% off the original price and shoes were ~$50.

    I got a few dresses - it is worth the time to stop in!

    Some styles I noticed were as follows: in black in peach and black in green and in white

    You get the idea... Happy shopping!
  2. cool! i'll try to stop by tomorrow afternoon... gotta few weddings coming up!
  3. thanks!!!
  4. wow I absolutely love the top two dresses...I def might have to stop by tomorrow! Do you know how long the sale is lasting?
  5. The sale ends on Sunday
  6. A lot of things I liked were no longer available in my size but I did score a green silk jersey wrap dress and burgundy flower pumps both for 80% off. I also went to the la cienaga location.