CATFIGHT....argh! Another reason why the COACH Co SUCKS!

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  1. So I have a listing on EBAY, 6880086039 (no I am not pumping up the item, I just thought you would like to see to back up the story).

    Like you guys know, I have a TON of COACH from when hubby was in IRAQ and I was therapy shopping. Anyways, a person emails me and accusing me saying my item was FAKE! Because he/she works at the NY store and THEY KNOW THIS STUFF.... Blah, blah, blah....

    I am also assuming the person contacted members that were watching since the numbers and bids dropped since their post.

    oh, I lost it. I posted my reply to his/her comment for everyone to see. Then I went on my listing and posted a revision!

    I am SO ANGRY right now! :rant: Who is this loser to claim I am selling a fake! I challenged IT (he/she) to buy and it and see for themself, that would shut him/her up.

    Why is there no consequence for this loser if I can back up that this is real. He or she should be banned for making false accusations and stirring up trouble!

    So, another bright COACH product (employee). :rant:

    Sorry, I had to vent. :sad: So, did I fly off the handle with my two posts (my answer to his/her email) and my revision? Do you think people will hate me now for being so mean and not buy from me? I hope not.

    My products are 100% AUTHENTIC! AHHHHH!
    I HATE COACH STORES!!! And losers like that! Perfect match though (employee to that company!)

    sorry, if I was mean... :sad: I just had to tell someone...
  2. I understand your frustration with some of the potential buyers on ebay but adding that revision in big bold bright red letters will actually scare some bidders off. Honestly, it scares me...
  3. That totally sucks. Ebay is just getting tooooo crazy for me these days...
  4. I'm sorry about what happened.

    But I don't think that anyone would have access to the list of people watching. As I recall, the seller doesn't even have access to a list of the people who are watching their auction.

    I don't mean to offend you (I do understand your frustration but) your response in red is really confrontational and it could scare people away from bidding. It definitely scared me, and if I was going to bid on that item, I probably would have decided against it.

    Good luck!
  5. People have no way of knowing who is watching an item-i AM A SELLER AND ALL I CAN SEE IS HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE WATCHING-NOT "WHO" IS. sO-THERE IS NO WAY THEY CAN GET TO THOSE PEOPLE. aLSO-WHY GO OFF ON cOACH? CHANCES ARE THIS PERSON DOESN't even work at Coach and was just trying a ploy to either get you to lower your price or to try to catch you at something. we all know there are tons of fakes on eBay-i guess this person was trying to weed you out.

    I am sorry you are having to deal with this-but, putting that on your auction is not going to help. :sad:

    OOps-sorry about the caps-just noticed that!
  6. Right and ditto.
  7. sorry about that. I went to change it but I can't now.
    oops.... thanks for the heads up though, good to know for the next time!
  8. Also, maybe bids went down because it is approaching the retail price... I don't know how much more you were hoping to get for it.

  9. No, I noticed that the bidders, there was one that retracted. And NO, I know he/she couldn't see who is watching but he/she can contact them.

    I know I had a buyer tell me that someone emailed them wanting to buy my item from them to prove it was fake. She, my actual buyer said this girl kept emailing her over and over asking her to pull off her bid. And when she didn't she offered to pay her for the bag.

    it happens!

    And the issue I have with Coach is much deeper. Sorry, I am really not a mean person, I just have had my fill with COACH issues lately.

    yea, I guess the red was not a good choice of color to choose. I honestly, just picked one without thinking. oh, well. If I don't sell the bag, no biggie. I am just more tired of people stirring up issues....

    Seems like I scared a lot of people off from what I've gathered, I'm sorry. Wow! I never thought red could do so much!
  10. I'm sorry that this happened to you!!! Ebay is such a weird place with too many maniacs these days! I'm very sorry that you have to go through this!!!
  11. since you have evidence that the coach employee contacted your potential buyers, report that person to ebay and ebay will take the necessary actions.

    I don't get why you won't just return it though......
  12. Well, it's now selling for higher than retail! I guess you got someones attention.
  13. yes from what you all said, I agree, I should return them. Don't worry.... you guys are right. I listed everything when Ebay had that sale for one last try, it is actually going really well! I am collecting up my receipts (have been gathering them for the last few days/weeks now). I will be returning them soon. I mustered up enough courage a few weekends ago and returned over $5K one day and then another $2K last Friday. It got NASTY, hubby had to step in.... I still have a ton left, I can't wait to be COACH free. Thanks guys for your support!
  14. I'm thinking the employee never saw this design but not all designs go to every single freaking COACH store!

    Don't worry about it. People will know when they read your item description and people that are bidding on it knows that COACH came out with such a bag.
  15. I totally sympathize w/ you and think it's great to put a little bit of info in the listing about authenticity...but you should probably edit some of the bold, red stuff. Especially the part about the "brilliant" coach employee. Not because it isn't true...but because you don't want bidders to think that you are a hostile person and shy away from bidding.

    Trust me, I can certainly understand the impulse to defend yourself, but the thing is that we can almost "hear" the anger and frustration in your "voice" during that red part which makes you seem like you are flying off the handle -- you never want to give that impression during a debate. Always give the appearence of being calm, cool, and completely unbothered by the whole thing (even if you are not). That will give you the upper hand.
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