Catching Coachie Fever!

Jul 7, 2012
As a female and a pretty avid coach lover, I often find myself talking about my love of coach purses to other people, even sometimes when they don't want to really listen. We all have those kind of people around and really, they don't have to love coach quite as much as we do. However, I wanted to hear if anyone has actually "converted" someone who didn't like coach or wasn't interested into a Coachie fan! I have a cute, quick story and then I want to here from you!!

I work at a hardware store with several other girls and guys as a cashier. We have some slow times during the day and we usually start talking. One of the girls loves purses and coach about as much as I do and we usually start gabbing about styles/colors/accessories, you name it! We will even comment on cute purses people carry in the store. Well, this girl obviously doesn't need converting-it's our manager that does. She also works up front with us and rolls her eyes and makes jokingly snide comments about why would anyone love a purse that much and has been doing so for most of the summer. She also comments on our talk to other employees. As a side note, she doesn't really care for purses or "girlie" things (which is fine, it's her). She told me she has carried the same purse for more than 7 years! Well, some of you know I have been hitting the jackpot with finds at Goodwill and have been telling people about those at work. Out of the blue yesterday she commented, "Oh, I wouldn't mind having one of those cute coach purses you carry." I was shocked. No one else in the store could believe she wanted a purse either. Anyway, I found just the purse for her, a cute hamptons weekend tote in white and yellow that suited her laidback personality. She was so excited to have a coach purse she came on her day off to get it. I don't know if she is really going to be a avid coach fan but hey, you never know. If she does go on to catch the fever, I will have given it to her.

A true measure of success for a coachie is the passing of the obsession on to someone else:biggrin:.

Anyway, I want to hear everyone's stories if you have one!


on a budget
Aug 12, 2012
o how cute you are,well i havent been so lucky to convert anyone "yet" but i do have to say i have:love: my sister in law is a BIG coach girl and at first i thought o no thats to much but the more and more i was around them my bags just got crappy-er and crappy-er so then she told me im selling my bag and i was like omg why not so i bought the used bag from her,and i loved the style of the bag,BUT it was a little dirty and frayed and the tags were missing and no dust bag so i felt a little cheated so i did a little goggling and found out that my new used bag is a carly (and found that carlys were on the " recall" type of list) so i had to take a chance and called my coach store and the very nice lady said bring it in and get a new bag,i was so happy now i have a new bag (and my hubby a wallet) and im now in love so im what you would call on a budget coachie :heart: and now im waiting for my other new-ish bag that i bought off of ebay and a small skinny wallet (thanks for letting me share,i also love to talk:hugs:)


May 10, 2010
I was a Coachie way back when and then I had my kids and stopped caring about fashion for quite awhile. Then my daughter spent her meager earnings buying a Zoe and wallet at FP. Around the same time, I started using ebay to buy textbooks for my son. After I was done buying his books, I started fooling around with ebay, trying to see what else I could find. Since my daughter had just gotten her Coach, I decided to look for a Coach purse. I think partly I wanted to prove to her that she was crazy for spending $400 on a purse when she didn't make much income, so I found a Coach purse for $50. After that, I was hooked. I bought a few Foaches and discovered tpf in my quest for authentic Coach. My younger daughter has caught a bit of the Coach fever but she isn't as obsessed as me. Even my older daughter, who started my craziness, is happy with owning just one or two Coach purses.

My younger daughter just went off to college with 3 Coach backpacks and 2 glams. She uses an older top handle Coach pouch as her makeup bag. Her boyfriend's mother tried to get her a new makeup bag, and my daughter said, "She doesn't understand that my makeup bag is Coach."
Jul 7, 2012
My younger daughter just went off to college with 3 Coach backpacks and 2 glams. She uses an older top handle Coach pouch as her makeup bag. Her boyfriend's mother tried to get her a new makeup bag, and my daughter said, "She doesn't understand that my makeup bag is Coach."[/QUOTE]

That is so cute about the makeup bag:smile:. I have a coach makeup bag too and definately would not go back to a plain, no-name brand one.


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Dec 21, 2010
My work is done.



May 23, 2012
I got a friend somewhat addicted. She used to be as low maintenance as possible. She still refuses to wear makeup, dye her hair, and she rarely does anything to her eyebrows. But a small start is plenty enough. For a graduation gift she got her first coach bag. It's a small bag that disappears on the shoulder (arm pit bag?) But she wears it everyday and loves it. Yes, its been years,but the fact that she hasn't replaced it with something anime is fantastic. She's 28,not everything needs to have hello Kitty or anime on it. She's not a coachie but she's hooked on the one she has. It's a start?