Catch & Release~ Bluefly

  1. I was thinking that since some of us "catch" some desirable Bbags on Bluefly and then announce they will "release" it to a PFer we should post in this thread.

    So~ if you have a Bbag in your cart let us know and post it here. Thanks!!!

    (mods~ if this is not allowed then close this thread and I apologize in advance).
  2. Great idea Zac! I have been trying to figure out what this "nut" coloured PT is that keeps appearing and disappearing as I try to nail it! Mastic, perhaps???
  3. I'm pretty sure the nut is sandstone
  4. ^^I hope Gro is right, but it doesn't look like Sandstone to offence, of course!!!! :smile:.....anybody else have any ideas about what colour this might be???

    Maybe I'm just blind...
  5. Mastic- it's the only other color it could be.
  6. When I bought my SS Giant hobo from Bluefly it was listed as "nut", if that helps at all:smile:
  7. ^^ yep, "nut" = "sandstone" in bluefly speak :tup:
  8. great idea zac! and I love the title "catch and release"....clever. And yes, I believe "nut" is sandstone.:tup:
  9. great idea!
  10. Ought oh,
    please review the latest postings on the balenciaga authenticate this thread
  11. I'm so glad you posted this here. I haven't checked out Authenticate This in a couple weeks and I would have missed the latest on Bluefly.
  12. Would it be possible for possible buyers to *shout out* what they're looking for, so the early Bluefly-ers can hold it for that person and possibly PM them?

    For example, I missed out on the whole Sienna/Mahogany/Cinnamon Days and Cities and REALLY REALLY want one. Very possibly someone will send theirs back. If you see it, could you hold it and PM me?

    Just a thought. I don't know if this is allowed. I check Bluefly almost constantly but seem to miss everything.
  13. okay ladies, i have the following in my cart! PM me if you want them so I can set them free!!!:yahoo::tup:

    sgh noir part time
    mahogany city
    noir twiggy

    hurry!! i only have about 30 more mins!!!

    don't forget to use "3Q4Z29P" code for an extra 20% off!!!
  14. I have just email you :smile: