1. Jillybean and i went out last night to go see a movie.It was sold out so we saw Catch and Release.Let me tell ya....if you want to be sad and depressed..LOL..go see this movie..WAY too much going on in many plots etc..youre like WTH??!!
    It was moving but wow.I sooo didnt need a sad movie..ROFL..Just a heads up!
  2. Oh really? I was going to go see it because I thought it was going to be funny...I think I'll pass now.
  3. Thanks for the warning! I too, thought it would be a funny. This is not a good time for a sad movie (middle of winter) so I will pass as well.
  4. really, you thought it was that sad?

    besides the death of a character that we never meet, i didnt think it was sad at all! the tone overall was very cute and funny and uplifting, and the ending was very good and satisfying. id class it as a sentimental romantic comedy, id never have expected that it would bring anyone down!
  5. I just watched this last week. It was a bit sad, but because loving someone does not mean that you know them. My husband left and divorced me last year and it has been hard knowing that the person I love, doesn't care for me anymore. I was jealous by how quick the girl on the movie fell in love again. Doesn't that seem like her love wasn't very true or did she have an easy time letting go because her fiance hid so many things from her?

    Anyway I totally loved her purse on the movie!!! Anyone know what it was and where I can find one? Thanks!!
  6. I didn't make it all the way through this movie
  7. i own this movie (it was only a fiver) and i really like it!! very sweet

    although i agree - way too many plots happening
  8. i thought this movie was cute
  9. The kiss in this movie has to be one of the hottest scenes I've seen in a movie in a very long time.
  10. isn't the guy from 7th heaven? I heard he had cancer, but was in recovery...I barely recognized him in here. I LOVED him in sorority boys. best movie ever, LOL.
  11. ^Nope.. the guy from 7th Heaven is Barry Watson. The guy in C&R is Timothy Olyphant. That's probably why you barely recognized him. ;)
  12. I love this movie!