catch 22 Birkin savings anyone?

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  1. :crybaby: what happens if
    1. you finally have saved your thousands for your grail Birkin, and at that time, it is not available?
    2. or if your grail bag is available, and you are short a thousand or two?
    I know the answer in my heart but, ladies, I'd love to hear from some seasoned ladies!!!! thank you in advance!!!
  2. situation 1,is more pleasant,because it will come sooner or later..i had the same situation,had the cash but no birkin,so i said to my SA,here is my saving,lets get the bag!in 2 weeks they found a birkin for me!!!!
    sit.2:i would take the money from my saving account or ask family members if they want to celebrate my birthday earlier:smile:
  3. #2 just keeps on hapening to me. :yes: So I just redouble my efforts to save and have faith that someday I will get the timing right! :graucho:
  4. yup, thanks!
    of course if i never acquire a birkin before i die, i will still be thrilled with this journey! it is soooo much fun!
    i can live thru all the gorgeous bags that are posted here!!!!!!!!
    yay!!! please do not feel sorry for me any way!!!!
    i am truly blessed with a kelly, plume and picotin, and many many accessories!!!!!! and of course waht really matters, good friends, family, running water, heat, a/c, and a lovely roof over my head....
    but the oh so gorgeous birkin!!!!
    i faint everytime i see a real live one in H ny!!!!!
  5. Aagh - I'm in situation 1 right now!! I have the $$ in a savings account now, and it's just *begging* to be spent... but there's nothing to spend it on. At the rate I'm going, I'll be able to buy a Croc before my dream Birkin comes along!
  6. this is one of my biggest H fears ... This is also why I'm in such a hurry to get the pink platoon completed as pink is not a permanent color

    I'm not as fearful about this because I do have enough saved up plus some for the rainy days ... And putting a thousand or two on the CC is not a problem for me because it'll be paid off before I start getting charged interest on it
  7. i am also in the waiting position,cash is ready to spend...
    my SA promised me a 32HAC before xmas....
  8. different problems, same answer.
    1. wait.
    2. wait.

    funny, tpf really makes waiting hard (such temptation) and easy (lots of vicarious thrills). i never go near the inventory list - i don't want to see what i can't buy. lol
  9. thank you all!!!
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