Catalogue with Snow Dome In It?

  1. Does anyone have a catalogue with the snow dome in it? I would like a copy of something stating what the original price of the dome was. I am thinking of appealing the Customs Form Value which was the insured value which was the going rate due to exclusiveness. (not sure if it will work - any have experience with this?).
  2. Give you a bump..
  3. I have a copy of a receipt from buying one in Paris...If that would help.To prove the price?
  4. The retail was $220 US, I bought mine for $650 US.
  5. michelle did you really pay $650? :wtf:
  6. Yep. :yes:
  7. That is alot Michelle, was it worth it?
  8. Well worth it IMO. :yes:
  9. Retail is 220 USD, so does that mean it's available in US as well or still France only? I am in love w/the dome, but couldn't take the plunge when i can get another speedy......
  10. Retail is 200 Euro - not available for purchase in the US.
  11. I want one.
  12. Yes, A copy of a receipt might help. I got charged $43 for customs, plus the fees, making it $53 or so. I will PM you. Anyone else able to help?

    Thanks in advance.
  13. i'd LoVe One!!!
  14. Me too :love: I think it's a great collector's piece.
  15. Can you just print out the page of where you purchased it? Was it on Ebay?