catalogue in aussie

  1. hi aussie pf-ers,
    did any of you receice a catalogue? :huh:
    my SA called me and asked whether i received the leather goods and watch catalogues that they sent out :huh:. i didn't receive anything :huh: hey, australian post man, where is my catalogue???? :mad: :smash:
    she also said there are new items at the store and ask me to check it out :graucho:. i wonder what are the new items :rolleyes:. i'm going to check it out tomorrow. it's raining now and i don't feel like going out.
  2. I did receive my catalogue and the watch one quite a while ago:huh: The new items could be fringed bags, mono charms, mono sweets, new damier bags, the list is endless:graucho:
  3. I received a watch catalogue a fee weeks ago.
    Are you meaning the big LV catalogue 2006 as well? I don't have one of those, was told it wasn't here yet/:rant: Members in the US and Canada have had it for awhile.

    Anyone in Aus have the 2006 Le Catalogue??
  4. Hmmm no catalogues for me...but I've only ever bought something from the boutique once...but they did take my address down and all that.

    Grrr I want a catalogue lol!!!

    I hate how Oz is always behind in LV...we have to wait longer for new releases and catalogues....and yet we're around 10 hours in FRONT of everyone else time-wise lol.
  5. hey mr. postman, where's my catalogue? :mad:
    i hope they send me the 2006 catalogue. if not i'll ask tomorrow when i go into the store. hopefully my SA will give me one :yes:. will have to see the fringe collections in real live although i'm not a big fan of those.

    btw, i've only seen 1 damier speedy in melbourne aside from mine. how about u girls? have anyone seen any? i've only wear mine once last week.
  6. i'm jumping on the band wagon... NZ hasnt got the new BLUE cover catalogue either... the SA told me just to look on the internet...
  7. ohhh, i didn't......wheres my catelogue?!?!?!??!!?
  8. nope me either... last time i was there she said they didnt have them yet... the new bags are prob the fringes bag.. thats supposed to be released 10th July...
  9. I saw the speedy & bucket.....then there is the issue of the price of them here:shocked:
  10. i went to LV melbourne yesterday.. my auntie bought TULUM GM.. so nice... and i asking for 2006 catalogue... the SA said that they havent get it... :graucho:
  11. shalomjude,
    how much are the fringe speedy and bucket? i like the speedy 25 in multicolor but not the fringe.
  12. if you see your postman looking rather stylish this season you know where your catalog went :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. the speedy is $4650...eep