catalogue bibe book of louis vuitton

  1. Hi

    i need to have an information ....i want to boight some catalogue of new bags of Lv Gucci Dior Fendi etc but i don't find anywhere....i know i have the blue catalogue but of lv but any model of new collection.....

    you know some way to have it???

    Thanks bibi:wlae:
  2. There's always some on eBay.

    Good luck on your search! ;)
  3. call 866. they can tell you.
    or they will send you one for $10.
  4. Wait... are you referring to the LV Bibles or the blue LV catalogues?

    LV bibles can be found on eBay.

    Blue LV catalogues- You can go to your local LV store and ask for one or call 866-VUITTON if you're in the US and they'll send you one for $10. ;)