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  1. Is it just my boutique or are the stores not keeping the catalogs out for grabs anymore?? :shrugs:

    I collect them and this is damaging my collection!! :crybaby:And I don't want to go through the hassle of having to ask
  2. HA! I noticed that too!!!!!
  3. usually i get one with my purchase i wonder why they would stop putting them out
  4. Seriously? Mine are not only keeping them out, but are putting one in every bag. Between ordering offline, getting catalogs through the mail and purchases in boutiques, I have like 6 catalogs. I finally had to tell them I didn't need anymore!
  5. I picked one up yesterday and they were in the usual spot! I didn't have to ask.:nogood:
  6. I was offered one, but it wasn't just sitting out. It was one time when I went in and my DH and DS were sitting outside the store waiting for me so I told the SAs I couldn't really stay but just had to stop in. I think they thought if I had a catalog I'd come back sooner? LOL I don't know....
  7. My boutique still had them out per usual as of last week.
  8. I got one with my purchase last time.
  9. They asked me if I had one when I was in the boutique last week.
  10. My boutiques keep them in the same place (out in the open next to the register/counter) and they give me one everytime I buy something. Maybe your boutique is running low on them and they feel like the need to conserve them.
  11. Curious, you are in Texas too, but I guess my folks are getting stingy! LOL!
  12. I was hoping it was just a shortage but they don't have that box/holder near the door or the counter!!
    I might be going to a different boutique than my usual one later this week though, so I'll have to see whether it's just that store or not.

    And no, I'm more west of TX. let's hope they aren't getting too stingy! :P
  13. If the books aren't out that means that the store is running low....
  14. My stores have them out for the taking like always.
  15. I got my second Coach catalog the second to last time I stopped by to inquire about my shipment. My SA saw my DSW plastic bag, which was filled way above its capacity, and rapidly switched my stuff into a huge Coach shopping bag :smile: then we chatted about how much we do not enjoy plastic bags :nogood:
    When I got home I discovered she has put a catalog in the bag along with my stuff :nuts:

    Gotta love my SA :tup: