Cataloging your closet

  1. I don't know why or how I came up with this, but out of the blue I had this idea to put together a catalog of all my favorite outfits. I'd take pictures on my digital camera and then some how organize in iphoto or one of my folders.

    A lot of times I'll wear an outfit and then totally forget about it and if one of the items (blouse/bottom) is in the laundry I won't realize that I could wear it. This way if I have a virtual catalog of all my outfits which could probably help me plan and organize my outfits a lot better.

    Has anyone else done this? Am I crazy/obessesed about my clothes!? I think it could be really fun, dont you!:yes:
  2. I've never done it myself, but I have thought about it many times! I do have a look book of outfits I like in magazines, and I only ever tear out looks I can create from my pre-existing closet. It's fun!
  3. I have too many clothes......I can't imagine how long this would take to do, but it does sound like fun!!!
  4. I can't imagine doing that but I do have my clothing organized by keeping all like items together like all the shirts together, all the skirts, pants, suits, etc.
  5. Have always wanted to do something like that... But then have never actually gotten around to actually doing it :shame:

    I think it's fabulous idea to be so organised though! :yes:
  6. ^^^
    The same with me
  7. I do that too. I even have the clothes sub-organized according to material, season and colour.
  8. This reminds me of "Clueless" so much Lol! Cher had that computer system where it cycled through her clothes and she picked an outfit. That would be amazing.

  9. I do this too-
  10. that would be too much fun!
    Alas, not sure how I would ever find the time to actually implement something like this... too busy chasing a toddler!
  11. I've thought about this, too. I would need to devote a solid weekend to it!
  12. Sounds like a great idea! It would take long though, but worth it in the end! I am the same way, forgetting I have an outfit in my closet somewhere.
  13. OMG! I just love it here! i can't believe that I've finally found a place where people have the same thoughts as what goes on in my head.

    Yes, i've actually took pictures of my favorite outfits to catalog. I even bought a maniquen for this purpose! I have to say, clothing took me too long so I've decided to move on and catalog my clothes and shoes with the model, make, and description with picture. This way, as the item wears out, i'll always have my scrapbook/catalog memories!
  14. I did that, but gave up after awhile because i kept having to update it.

    Now i separate everything accordingly in my closet. Everything is visible so I don't forget about anything!
  15. great idea! im gonna do that in the summer!