Catalog sneak peek!

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  1. First bare with me ladies, I am on my SLOW as molasses laptop on dial-up nonetheless...but here are some pics from the catalog! :yahoo:

    Pic #1: Andrea Satchel
    Pic #2: Large Signature Carly Bags, Oblong Scarf in Pear and Kimmy Espadrilles
    Pic #3: Hamptons Satchels and Wristlet
    Pic #4: Soho Leather Hobos in Lilac
    Pic #5: Hamptons Leather Large Carryall and Hobo in Red, Conversation Heart Cell-phone Lanyard (Scarf also has hearts on it)

    More coming in next post!

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  2. *whew* i guess i don't have to take pictures anymore!
  3. you ROCK!!! we appreciate you doing this on a slow connection!

    i am LOVING the red!!! and the satchels!
  4. Pic #6: Hamptons Stripe in Khaki/Crimson, Perforated Accessories, Hamptons Embossed Leather Accessories in White :drool:
    Pic #7: Signature Stripe in Black and White
    Pic #8: Soho Leather Large Satchel
    Pic #9: Signature Stripe Shoulder Tote in Khaki and White
    Pic #10: Signature Stripe: Khaki/Chocolate (not sure how this is different from the current Khaki/Mahogany), Khaki/Pale Blue, Khaki/Punch, Signature Flower Charm (:heart: this!!!)

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  5. I love all those bags! Coach is going back to looking really classic. This is dangerous for me:P

    I can't wait
  6. lol thanks.

    i just love the new stuff!

    there seems to be a hint of colors..or maybe they're just teasing? with that flower charm?

    i want something in yellow or orange. mini signature sooooo bad.
  7. Thanks so much for uploading all of those pictures! I really like the red...
  8. Pic #11: Soho Signature in Light Blue (there are also Hobos in this color combo)
    Pic #12: Left: Andrea Satchel (See pic #1), Right: Legacy Leather Slim Tote
    Pic #13: Legacy, the Whiskey-like color is called "Natural." (Not sure how it differs, it doesn't look as red to me. Also Khaki/White :drool:
    Pic #14: Python Carly and Legacy Leather Satchel in Pond
    Pic #15: Legacy Leather Pond Satchel

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  9. These are the last I believe is a duplicate if I made my notes right. LOL.

    Pic #16: (repeat ?) Legacy Leather Satchel in Pond
    Pic #17: Zoe Clutch in Black and White

    Some other things off the top of my head. There is also a large Legacy Tote, called a Drafting Tote. Soho Leather Flaps in White Leather, but the buckle is Black Leather.

    Ms. Whitney, I hope they aren't teasing us with that charm (if I had to narrow it down to one thing out of the catalog, it would be that), I love all the colors on it!

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  10. I really like some of the upcoming items. Definitely back to a classic look. I really like the Andrea satchel and the Legacy slim tote in white. I wonder what other colors they will be available in? (besides the pond Andrea color)?
  11. wow thanks krispin for your gard werk!
    Hmmmm...this spells trouble for me....
  12. Thanks krispin! I havent received my catalog yet :cursing: but I already see things I'm definitely putting on my list! I LOVE the signature stripe bucket bags in the new blue and pink colors along with some of the key rings and charms...and the legacy stuff looks really nice too...i know this is just the start of the Spring/Summer stuff so I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more!:yes:
  13. Thank you!!! What a tantalizing sneak peek. I'm mentally planning already.
  14. love the shoes in 01!!
  15. Thanks for posting pics! There's a couple of things that I want!