"catalog" question

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  1. hi ladies. i apologize in advance if this has previously been asked and answered.

    does HH produce a printed catalog or is their selection only available online? i've looked at the lookbook posts but, if i understand correctly, the lookbook is definately not the same as what a "catalog" would be.

    thank you!
  2. They do produce a catalog proper. I selected the option to sign up for it when I bought something earlier this week. I think the Lookbook is a rarer beast... not mass distributed and sometimes auctioned off.
  3. ^^ Really??? How did you sign up? I always click the "receive offers at this address" option, but have never received anything. Thanks for saying that--I had no idea such a thing existed!!

    PS Just noticed your wishlist--there's a Silver Bowery (with the floral lining) on Bonanzle right now...
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    I see it after clicking on "secure checkout" from my shopping cart. I don't know whether they actually send out catalogues, but the option is there. Guess I don't have actual proof of the catalogue's existence, LOL. I suppose this could be another unicorn of a promise.

    Has anyone out there actually gotten a catalog by selecting this option?

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  5. I usually get a catalog with my purchases - I thought they put one in most boxes? I have checked that box in the past, so maybe that's why.
  6. I think there might be some confusion at to what classifies a lookbook and catalog. To my knowledge the traditional mailers you receive at your home at the start of the season are the same as the ones that you get in your boxes of HH stuff which I think HH is calling a "catalog"
    Regular lookbooks (catalog)- receive in the mail and HH boxes (most of the available stock)
    Bindered lookbooks- Tradeshows & Sample sales (includes items not being produced)
    pre-season Digital lookbooks- On their website/ blog (sometimes show items not being produced)
    In-season Digital Lookbooks- On their website/blog (includes most of the items that are being produced)

    I think when you click the box you get a Regualr "lookbook""catalog" sent to your house when a new season is being released. It ensures that even if you didn't buy anything recently you still get a reg lookbook.
  7. thanks for the clarifications. i've ordered twice in the past and haven't recieved anything that resembled a catalog. also thought i signed up when i checked out. was just curious how it worked.