Catalog Collectors?

  1. I did a few searches and couldn't find the info so maybe someone could help. I would like to get some catalogs, like the pomme one or any others between summer of 06 to prsent but haven't really found any place I can get them from. I know some boutiques give them to customers as I received a few last year in Toronto. However, my boutique is very traditional and does not give them to anyone, and I know some places don't do it anymore at all. Okay, so question is, where could I find some? Is eBay the only location? Thanks ahead of time.
  2. If your SA doesn't give them to you, then eBay is your only option. I get most of mine from my SA who sends them to me when I order something.
  3. Im a catalogue collector, I :heart: them, i have around 15...but still collecting. I sometimes use eBay and I think that is you're best option. There is a seller in Germany who has just listed 7 catalogues for about $26 but he doesnt except paypal so maybe you could send cash registered, you would have to send euros. :flowers:
  4. Ring your local store and ask?
    I just usually pick them up whilst shopping. As for the larger catalogue, i get them sent in the post.
  5. Hey girl.....the Saks LV on michigan is much more generous about giving out catalogs! And....I'm sure if you ask...the main boutique would probably give them up!!!