Cataclou 60! Keep?

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  1. Hi

    I know they are very popular on IG

    Anyone has a pair? Are they comfy?

    This is how they are on my feet. Not all the toes stick out so I wonder if the straps will rub against the skins! Can anyone share your experience? Are they a keeper?


    (Pls ignore my nails...past due for another pedi)
  2. I have the 60 and 140. There is another thread on this shoe that is recent, no complaint about the strap but the ankle strap sitting below the ankle, but that is not an issue w me. i too worried about the strap at the toe but i got luck and my old toes are long enough that they are well within the strap.

    the one thing I worry about is the pull from the base of the shoe to the ankle straps. Other than that I like the sandal.
  3. But wouldnt youre pincky toe fall out wile walking I had some shoes with the similar problem ones and it bothered me very muchit was also very painfull
  4. I think you have to try this sandal on and see where your unique toes fall within the front strap. I have long toes with a very picky pinky toe. The strap fell well within the toe and I've had no issues. I wore them last week at the mall walking for 2 hours, no rub, no problems but lots of compliments.